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New Zine – Letters To A Sister

Hey kids,

It’s been about a year since we last posted on this blog. I’m sorry if you’ve tried to contact us or have been checking back but a lot of things happened just after our last post which has meant that the fetus and I have kind of disappeared from zine making and trading. I have though just finished a new zine which is pretty much about this disappearance (from my end at least)


Letters To A Sister, A5, 36 pages, bw & colour

So this is the zine. It has a colour cover and centrefold (not that kind!) and is pretty much a personal zine written after the death of my little sister last February. I’ve given some to Sticky for the 2012 Festival of the Photocopier (see below for details) and some will be going out to Take Care Distro but other than that I guess it’ll be a pretty small run. It has been a tiring year, and I feel as though the energy I had when I first started writing zines is pretty rapidly dissipating. If you want to trade though, please email for my address (the PO Box expired while I was overseas and I was too late to renew it). I’ll be checking the email address again, I promise.

xx Amanda


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Zine School Update

Quick update about Zine School that is happening this Thursday 15th April at Wollongong Youth Centre

Zine-making is about creativity and self expression. Come along to ZINE SCHOOL for lectures by zine-makers who illustrate, write or collate; learn about their creative process, and be inspired by their work. There will be the opportunity to sit and browse through zines at the zine library, or go to a zine tutorial to work on something of your own and workshop your ideas.

Current lecturers include:

and I’m guessing although it hasn’t been stated MADDY PHELAN AND LICKY THE CREAM (Natalie!)

I’ll be heading down to cheer on Amanda and I may even sneakily film her. I guess if she stabs me one day, I’ll know why.

Anyway, point is, if you have thursday free, come on a lovely train ride with us and get schooled.

Event thang here

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Is there going to be a MCA Zine Fair in 2010?

I’ve been getting a little anxious as the time for the MCA Zine Fair draws closer and closer without a word about it anywhere. So I went directly to the source and I am happy to announce that the MCA Zine Fair will be on again this year.

For those who haven’t attended before it is usually a pretty crazy busy day, but what a fun crazy busy day. With over 40 stalls of zine makers, trades become like the stock exchange, minus the suits and stocks. Not only does it draw zine people from all over NSW into one spot for the day, it brings our lovely interstate zine peeps!

So, I have been informed that all we have to do is just be patient, that call-out e-mail will come. If you aren’t on the MCA mailing list, it might be a good time to subscribe, alternatively you can subscribe to our blog and you won’t miss a trick.

Pencil the details into your diary:

Sunday 23 May, 11.00am – 5.00pm

Take care, more info when we know

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Festival of the Photocopier and other fun times

Miraculously, the first zine trip made by me and the fetus to Melbourne went remarkably well. Her artwork was installed without a hitch, despite some unexpected flooding in the Degraves St subway on Thursday, and is up til the 27th February if you’d like to have a gander.

 The finished artwork!

A giant thanks to Melissa Reidy who organised the exhibition, everything looked amazing and the Friday night opening (or what we remember of it) was filled with good times.

 Opening night

We may have also been a little bit overexcited following RZA’s signing at Wax Museum Records opposite Sticky earlier that afternoon and, personally, I thought the impromptu skateboarding challenge that followed lent an interesting flavour to the night. Keep an eye out for a series of zinemaker interviews conducted that evening for Channel 31 (of which Mary-Helen was one of the interviewees) – we’ll put up a link when we get more information.

Last minute photocopying, folding and stapling aside, the zine fair on Saturday was a bit excellent – made more excellent by deliveries of food and homemade ice-suckies to our table. I much prefer indoor zine fairs anyway, I often find the trade-off for non-zine people foot traffic when outside is unpredictable weather wreaking havoc with your zines.

And contrary to the photo above, the zine fair was still incredibly busy with lots of Melbourne and interstate zinemakers filling the subway.


Above is our table, you can just make out the felt doppelgängers made by Mary-Helen.


Look at all those zines! There’s nothing like fluorescent lighting to bring out the best in people. Thanks to everyone who bought off or traded with us, and once again massive kudos to the lovely people at Sticky for organising and setting up the fair, especially considering that they seemed to be constantly sandblasted by the forces of nature. Also, we don’t have a photo of the Melbourne Tramways Band but they were truly excellent.

I also left some of the new zine Sutures at Sticky at the end of the night, so it is now available from there and from Etsy.

Ok, that’s it!

x amanda

P.S. To the girl who indulged my rant about Pee-Wee, thank you, you made my night.

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New zine – Panacea for Loneliness #4

I mentioned to a friend yesterday that if it wasn’t for the stress of impending exams and essays, and subsequently an increase in my procrastination activities, I’m not sure whether I’d ever get around to writing zines. But considering that it’s the end of semester, and despite all intentions otherwise, I’ve managed to watch enough interesting films in the last couple of weeks to inspire a new Panacea for Loneliness.

Panacea for Loneliness 4

A6, 20 pages, black and white

I wasn’t particularly aware of it whilst writing this zine but this issue contains some of the stranger films I’ve seen lately –  from The Piano Teacher to The City of Lost Children; from Wings of Desire to See the Sea; from Repulsion to The Vanishing

I’m going to send it out to Sticky on Monday, otherwise it’ll be on Etsy or as always available for trades.

x amanda

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Somewhere between a fail and a win.

Fellow night owls and/or morning sparrows,

I tried to write a 24 hour zine today [yesterday] and realised, 3 hours into the endeavour, that I’d made a huge mistake. The subject I’d chosen was too large, and far too close to my heart, to whip out in a mere 1440 minutes. Not to say that it wont get written, just that it wont get written by tomorrow [today].

In lieu of that zine I offer Panacea for Loneliness #3 as my contribution to the International Zine Month.

panacea 3

A6, 20 pages, b/w printed on graph paper

It contains the reasons why I love my VCR and Love and Other Catastrophes, comparisons between myself and Martha Plimpton in 200 Cigarettes, why you should watch Pee-wee’s Christmas Special RIGHT NOW and my thoughts on the glorious J.G. Ballard/David Cronenberg/James Spader sandwich that is Crash. And more.

Available at Etsy, Sticky or via zine trade to:

P.O. Box 392

Newtown N.S.W. 2042


Ok, it’s now almost 3am. Done and done.

x panda

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New zines!

Greeting and salutations!

More zine trade updates to come, but first a quick post about some new zines that we’ll have available at the MCA this Thursday as past of Creative Sydney’s LO-FI AND LOVING IT: NEW DOGS, OLD TRICKS night. Bird in the Hand zine distro will be representing with a bunch of Sydney zines including Panacea for Loneliness #2 and Newdel and Rose [which were both available at the MCA zine fair last month] as well as Ampersand after Ampersand #2, which is hot off the press this weekend.

All three were also hand delivered to Sticky on Saturday [if you’re not in the Sydney area], where I took the opportunity of testing the C3100 photocopier and let me say, AMAZING.

A little something about the new zines…

Newdel and Rose



A6, 38 pages

Our little caped adventurer Newdel is back again! This time Newdel sets out making his own special friend to spend his days with dancing, pretending and star gazing. Let’s hope the friendship never ends.
DISCLAIMER: Keep your tissue box close.

Panacea for Loneliness #2

panacea for loneliness 2

A6, 16 pages

This little followup to the original Panacea for Loneliness is more of my musings on scenes in films that I like.  This cinematic mixtape includes contemplating the similarities between Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Monte Carlo biscuits, the behind the scenes shenanigans on What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?, how Blue Velvet has inspired all my dance moves and things I learned from Don’t Look Now and Bad Education.

Ampersand after Ampersand #2

ampersand after ampersand 2

ampersand 2 inside

A5, 24 pages

This is another personal zine inspired by my decision to quit the call centre that I’ve previously referenced in the Epitaph for my Heart series. Includes events that propelled this life-changing [for the better] decision, my take on the etiquette of resigning from crappy jobs, the aftermath of quitting and the politics of office ‘theft’.

Plus we’ll also have a new mini zine called Four Eyes For Life available for free!

four eyes for life

So here are the details:

Where? Museum of Contemporary Art, Circular Quay

When? Thursday 11th June from 5:30pm

We’d love to see you there, it should be an excellent night!

x panda


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