New zine – Panacea for Loneliness #4

I mentioned to a friend yesterday that if it wasn’t for the stress of impending exams and essays, and subsequently an increase in my procrastination activities, I’m not sure whether I’d ever get around to writing zines. But considering that it’s the end of semester, and despite all intentions otherwise, I’ve managed to watch enough interesting films in the last couple of weeks to inspire a new Panacea for Loneliness.

Panacea for Loneliness 4

A6, 20 pages, black and white

I wasn’t particularly aware of it whilst writing this zine but this issue contains some of the stranger films I’ve seen lately –  from The Piano Teacher to The City of Lost Children; from Wings of Desire to See the Sea; from Repulsion to The Vanishing

I’m going to send it out to Sticky on Monday, otherwise it’ll be on Etsy or as always available for trades.

x amanda


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