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Winter activities for winter people

So a little update about some ziney things coming up that I wish I could attend (but regrettably can’t).

As we’ve posted before, the Canberra Zine fair is coming up on the 3rd July. If you’re in Canberra, hurrah! If not, what are you afraid of? Take Care zine distro will be making the pilgrimage from Sydney as well as a number of other Sydney/Wollongong zinemakers so why not, give it a whirl.

Secondly, and if you’re on the Australian Zines and Small Press Google Group you’ll already know about this, but there’s a zine reading slash show and tell at Marrickville’s Urchin Books on the 18th July. It’s being put together by Vanessa Berry and promises a delightful afternoon of tea and mutual zine sharing and appreciation away from the hectic and often stressful (for me at least) world of zine fairs and markets. So take your zines, if you have any, or just take yourself to Marrickville for the day, week, rest of your life. Also Urchin Books is looking to stock some more zines so check with them the why’s and how’s on the day.

Thirdly, and this is not strictly zine related, but a friend sent me a link to the screening of Strange Powers  at the Chauvel on the 4th of August that I wish wish wish I could go to, but unfortunately I’ll be separated from Oxford Street by an ocean, several land masses and the supposedly linear nature of time. BUT, if you have ever read any of my zines (or possibly only the titles) you will have realised that I have a ridiculous love for The Magnetic Fields, one that is all encompassing and indefatigable. So if you are in town, and feel like watching a documentary on my favourite songwriter/musician, then go with my blessing.

And I guess that’s about it. Happy holidays kids (if you’re on them), soldier on if not.

x Amanda


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The White Room Or Astronauts Are Not Excitable

The White Room Or Astronauts Are Not Excitable is an exhibition of Emma D’s (from Take Care Distro) exciting super secretive art project that she has been working on over the past 12 months. I’m so excited and I’ll tell you why. Why? Because she’s been building a space ship! Not many people can casually comment that they’ve been spending all their time building a space ship, well except Emma. Along with the space ship will be amazing artworks, prints and zines. Anyway, need I say anything else? Come along and be part of this most excellent opening night and be sure that you will have to fight me to be first to sit inside of the spaceship.

Anyway, BE THERE! You are being specially invited.
More info here at Flying Machine


In anticipation,

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A couple of zine fairs

Kinokuniya (in Sydney CBD not Japan, obviously ha) is having another one of those super secretive craft and zine fairs May 1st, 12 – 4pm. It was advertised through word of mouth which is why no one but those who took part in the one in February (which no one heard about either) will be a part of. There will be 11 tables ($30 to book) but its all booked out, so forget that and just go and have a look/see. They will be having a bake sale in the upcoming months, celebrating Cook Book month or something, so all the Donna Hay lovers out there should probably step up and show me your casserole skills. (Why do people only cook sweet things at these bake sales, I want loafs, casseroles, pies, basically all the things I’m too lazy/scared to cook.) BUT, I do believe the zine/craft fair is somehow connected to Free Comic book day, although I think that is on the 2nd of May.

ACT Writers Centre are holding another Zine Fair this year (3rd year running) this July.
If you want to book a stall contact the office on 62629191, or email admin[at] Stalls are FREE!

*A piece of advice, since Amanda and I did go to the first one, even if the sun is shinning in Canberra it will still be freezing, so take a blanket, extra socks and dear gods pack a sandwich! Also, you may want to bring an extra chair, as last time Amanda and I shared a seat for the entire day because one stall who had three chairs with only one is use refused to give us one, apparently her bag had a very unstable amount of radioactive material that needed a seat. I know what you’re thinking, just take it, right? Well we a lovely wimps who prefer to ponder why people are arseholes and then write about it our zines. Also I should mention, the person (?) in question was not from Canberra, everyone from Canberra (except the drunk guys (it was 11 am on a Sunday) who decided to steal a bunch our zines, oh and maybe the teens who asked us to mind their stall while they went to Kmart at the local Westfield to shop) are really nice, especially the people who organize the event, so you are in good hands if you do make the trip down.

This is the first grumpy zine related post I’ve ever written, I think its because my spam collection got deleted by the spam regulator program (whatever it is) on our blog and I’m mad about it. I’m mad about you. I’m mad about the world ladies and gentlemen.

Anyway, point is, there are some things for you to do.
We shall be doing a zine trade post soon, we’ve got a couple of lovely things in the mail, but my scanner and I are having irreconcilable differences at the moment. It’s actually a very complicated relationship – you wouldn’t understand (sleazy joke face.)

Good night/day
A very grumpy fetus

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Zine School Update

Quick update about Zine School that is happening this Thursday 15th April at Wollongong Youth Centre

Zine-making is about creativity and self expression. Come along to ZINE SCHOOL for lectures by zine-makers who illustrate, write or collate; learn about their creative process, and be inspired by their work. There will be the opportunity to sit and browse through zines at the zine library, or go to a zine tutorial to work on something of your own and workshop your ideas.

Current lecturers include:

and I’m guessing although it hasn’t been stated MADDY PHELAN AND LICKY THE CREAM (Natalie!)

I’ll be heading down to cheer on Amanda and I may even sneakily film her. I guess if she stabs me one day, I’ll know why.

Anyway, point is, if you have thursday free, come on a lovely train ride with us and get schooled.

Event thang here

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Burbs Festival

Check out Burbs Festival 2010 this weekend in Blacktown. Take Care zine distro will be there with an excellent collection of zines from all around, definitely worth a train ride

17th April, from 1pm and it’s FREE!
Blacktown Showground (Richmond Rd, Blacktown)
It’s easy to get to, but I thought I’d be a smart arse and put a map up for y’all.

More info here


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Spam of the week #3

I’ve been spoiled this week, yes I have. Two excellent new spam-a-la’s caught in my spam net which I shall share with you.

Laverne gave me some really helpful insight into buying buildings. Sure she talked about personal loans, but I think she really was trying to tell me that if I wanted to, I could buy a pillow factory and live in it and never return to normal life again.

Christian dating! Perhaps there is a god, somebody knows I need a date, although I do have 365 dates a year (cue that drum thing that happens when people make terrible jokes – what is that called?) Here I thought they were actually interested in all this useful and insightful crap we write on our blog. The word “lurking” gives me the shivers, and not in an inspired way, just the normal creepy way. Can I find love on the internet? I think I already did.

That’s it
I promise to actually post about some great zines I’ve been reading once my scanner is return to me from the dark over/underlords.



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MCA Zine Fair Update

Just a quick update to let you all know that the stalls at the MCA zine fair are already booked out!

Hope you all got a stall, if not, I’m sure the Australian zines and small press google group is a good place to find people who are willing to share if you did miss out.


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