Somewhere between a fail and a win.

Fellow night owls and/or morning sparrows,

I tried to write a 24 hour zine today [yesterday] and realised, 3 hours into the endeavour, that I’d made a huge mistake. The subject I’d chosen was too large, and far too close to my heart, to whip out in a mere 1440 minutes. Not to say that it wont get written, just that it wont get written by tomorrow [today].

In lieu of that zine I offer Panacea for Loneliness #3 as my contribution to the International Zine Month.

panacea 3

A6, 20 pages, b/w printed on graph paper

It contains the reasons why I love my VCR and Love and Other Catastrophes, comparisons between myself and Martha Plimpton in 200 Cigarettes, why you should watch Pee-wee’s Christmas Special RIGHT NOW and my thoughts on the glorious J.G. Ballard/David Cronenberg/James Spader sandwich that is Crash. And more.

Available at Etsy, Sticky or via zine trade to:

P.O. Box 392

Newtown N.S.W. 2042


Ok, it’s now almost 3am. Done and done.

x panda


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