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New Zine – Letters To A Sister

Hey kids,

It’s been about a year since we last posted on this blog. I’m sorry if you’ve tried to contact us or have been checking back but a lot of things happened just after our last post which has meant that the fetus and I have kind of disappeared from zine making and trading. I have though just finished a new zine which is pretty much about this disappearance (from my end at least)


Letters To A Sister, A5, 36 pages, bw & colour

So this is the zine. It has a colour cover and centrefold (not that kind!) and is pretty much a personal zine written after the death of my little sister last February. I’ve given some to Sticky for the 2012 Festival of the Photocopier (see below for details) and some will be going out to Take Care Distro but other than that I guess it’ll be a pretty small run. It has been a tiring year, and I feel as though the energy I had when I first started writing zines is pretty rapidly dissipating. If you want to trade though, please email tinypapermail@gmail.com for my address (the PO Box expired while I was overseas and I was too late to renew it). I’ll be checking the email address again, I promise.

xx Amanda


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I am Typewriter 2011, or Yes for Melbourne Fun Times

Once again I am at work sans boss and listening to a combination of The Magnetic Fields and Electrelane (surprise, surprise), all of which indicates that it is time to update Tiny Paper Hearts. No new zines yet for me and the fetus, however based on the excellent times we had at Sticky’s 2010 Festival of the Photocopier we have decided to once again descend on Melbourne for the I am Typewriter: The Triumph of Continued Usefulness Festival.

The festival runs from the 3rd to the 13th of February, with the zine fair taking place in the Degraves Subway on Saturday the 12th. Hopefully some other interstate zinemakers will attempt the trip as I cannot recommend it highly enough, and there’s plenty of other events for those who don’t have zines to sell/trade. Plus Sticky has organised an official typewriter soundtrack, so there’s that.

Ok, the demands of administrative work are calling. Catch you in February.

x Amanda

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I’ve got February on my mind…

Hey guys and dolls,

It’s been quiet around these parts to be sure, but there’s a few projects we’ve been working on which will be revealed come February. But in the interest of getting organised early there’s a couple of dates to pencil into your 2010 diaries.

Firstly, Mary-Helen will be participating in the Undiscovered Press exhibition hosted by the Platform Artists Group Inc in Melbourne. It runs from the 8th February to the 26th February in the Degraves Street Subway but the night to pay attention to is the opening drinks on Friday 12th February. There are 12 amazing zinemakers/artists involved so it should be an excellent night indeed.

And, as timing would have it, Sticky‘s Festival of the Photocopier will be having their annual zine fair on Saturday 13th February, also in the Degraves Street Subway. Tables are free for zinemakers so get in contact with them via stickyshop [at] gmail [dot] com for more information on getting registered. Amanda’s currently working on a hefty zine which will hopefully be launched in time for the fair and if the gods smile on us then we might also have a joint zine completed as well. Since it’ll be the first time that we have made a zine related trip to Melbourne together we’re pretty excited!

Sticky’s still working on the rest of the program for the festival but details should be on their website soon and we’ll update again as more events are posted.

x panda and the fetus

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Zine News! Or, Fridays are interminably long.

Here’s some stuff you may have already heard about but what can I say? It’s Friday and I’m at work and it’s pretty, pretty, pretty slow.

Firstly, Sticky Institute has launched a new mail order department to their website for Australian zines. The fetus and I have some of our zines listed as well as dozens of other excellent zinemakers so you should probably check it out. Nay, definitely check it out, especially if you aren’t in a position to visit their store in person.

Secondly, the University of Sydney is running their annual Verge Arts Festival from the 28th August to the 12th September. As is their custom there is a Night Market on Friday 4th September which the fetus and I have attended the last three years. I don’t think we’ll be manning a stall this year because it’s become a little less friendly towards zinemakers [and a little too expensive if zines are all you’re hawking] but if you’re interested…

Date/Time: 6 – 10pm, Friday 4th September

Place: The University of Sydney Main Campus

Cost: $30 [plus GST], electricity provided at an additional fee.

Contact: gblackie [at] gmail [dot] com for the registration form.

Verge is also running lots of other arts, film, music and theatre events that are open to people outside of USyd as well so it’s worth checking out their website.

Thirdly, our lovely friends at Bird in the Hand and Totoro’s Tea House are launching their new stores this Saturday 15th August as part of Renew Newcastle. This project involves refurbishing 24 vacant stores in the Newcastle city area with anything from art spaces, food co-ops, sound digital media gallerys to animation studios. Bird in the Hand zine shop has been open for the last eight weeks but will be holding a late lunch from 11am-5:30pm for anyone who wants to stop by and check out some excellent zines. This is Totoro’s Tea House’s maiden week and to celebrate they’ll be holding a pre-opening party from 5:30-10pm with cupcakes and tea by donation, a live set by Miss Maddy Phelan and some groovy tunes from DJ Craig Schuftan. Click here for the location of the rest of the other spaces if you’d like to extend your walking tour!

Bird in the Hand zine shop: 100a King Street Newcastle

Totoro’s Tea House: Shop 1, 111 Hunter Street Newcastle (Cnr Morgan St)

Um, I should probably get back to ‘work’. New zine trade update coming soon.

x panda

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