Festival of the Photocopier and other fun times

Miraculously, the first zine trip made by me and the fetus to Melbourne went remarkably well. Her artwork was installed without a hitch, despite some unexpected flooding in the Degraves St subway on Thursday, and is up til the 27th February if you’d like to have a gander.

 The finished artwork!

A giant thanks to Melissa Reidy who organised the exhibition, everything looked amazing and the Friday night opening (or what we remember of it) was filled with good times.

 Opening night

We may have also been a little bit overexcited following RZA’s signing at Wax Museum Records opposite Sticky earlier that afternoon and, personally, I thought the impromptu skateboarding challenge that followed lent an interesting flavour to the night. Keep an eye out for a series of zinemaker interviews conducted that evening for Channel 31 (of which Mary-Helen was one of the interviewees) – we’ll put up a link when we get more information.

Last minute photocopying, folding and stapling aside, the zine fair on Saturday was a bit excellent – made more excellent by deliveries of food and homemade ice-suckies to our table. I much prefer indoor zine fairs anyway, I often find the trade-off for non-zine people foot traffic when outside is unpredictable weather wreaking havoc with your zines.

And contrary to the photo above, the zine fair was still incredibly busy with lots of Melbourne and interstate zinemakers filling the subway.


Above is our table, you can just make out the felt doppelgängers made by Mary-Helen.


Look at all those zines! There’s nothing like fluorescent lighting to bring out the best in people. Thanks to everyone who bought off or traded with us, and once again massive kudos to the lovely people at Sticky for organising and setting up the fair, especially considering that they seemed to be constantly sandblasted by the forces of nature. Also, we don’t have a photo of the Melbourne Tramways Band but they were truly excellent.

I also left some of the new zine Sutures at Sticky at the end of the night, so it is now available from there and from Etsy.

Ok, that’s it!

x amanda

P.S. To the girl who indulged my rant about Pee-Wee, thank you, you made my night.


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