Is there going to be a MCA Zine Fair in 2010?

I’ve been getting a little anxious as the time for the MCA Zine Fair draws closer and closer without a word about it anywhere. So I went directly to the source and I am happy to announce that the MCA Zine Fair will be on again this year.

For those who haven’t attended before it is usually a pretty crazy busy day, but what a fun crazy busy day. With over 40 stalls of zine makers, trades become like the stock exchange, minus the suits and stocks. Not only does it draw zine people from all over NSW into one spot for the day, it brings our lovely interstate zine peeps!

So, I have been informed that all we have to do is just be patient, that call-out e-mail will come. If you aren’t on the MCA mailing list, it might be a good time to subscribe, alternatively you can subscribe to our blog and you won’t miss a trick.

Pencil the details into your diary:

Sunday 23 May, 11.00am – 5.00pm

Take care, more info when we know


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