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New Zine – Letters To A Sister

Hey kids,

It’s been about a year since we last posted on this blog. I’m sorry if you’ve tried to contact us or have been checking back but a lot of things happened just after our last post which has meant that the fetus and I have kind of disappeared from zine making and trading. I have though just finished a new zine which is pretty much about this disappearance (from my end at least)


Letters To A Sister, A5, 36 pages, bw & colour

So this is the zine. It has a colour cover and centrefold (not that kind!) and is pretty much a personal zine written after the death of my little sister last February. I’ve given some to Sticky for the 2012 Festival of the Photocopier (see below for details) and some will be going out to Take Care Distro but other than that I guess it’ll be a pretty small run. It has been a tiring year, and I feel as though the energy I had when I first started writing zines is pretty rapidly dissipating. If you want to trade though, please email tinypapermail@gmail.com for my address (the PO Box expired while I was overseas and I was too late to renew it). I’ll be checking the email address again, I promise.

xx Amanda


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Things that made my weekend


So I thought it would be ridiculously and shamelessly self-promotional to mention this. And then I thought, if I can’t be self-promotional on my own blog where can I be? And then I thought, why do I keep arguing with myself, I must look crazy.

Anyway, Emma at Flying Machine has written a lovely blog post that mentions my zine Sutures. And it’s lovely because I too have been wondering about the place that zinemaking has in my life, even as I haven’t been able to stop writing them. I’ve only been involved in zines for two and a half years and already they’ve taken over so much of my time and energy that I’m not sure they haven’t just become another escape from making any kind of meaningful decision about what to do with myself. But then finding such a nice response to something I’ve written, especially from a zinemaker that I admire and respect, is pretty much all it takes to convince me to start secretly photocopying on the office photocopier again.

x Amanda

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New Zine – Sutures

Hey kids!

It’s been a little barren on the zine landscape the last couple of months but this is the week it’s going to change. Firstly, Mary-Helen has her amazing artwork up in the Degraves St subway in Melbourne RIGHT NOW as part of the Undiscovered Press exhibition courtesy of the Platform Artists Group. There are some amazing zine artists involved so I highly recommend you check it out. If not tomorrow, then definitely at the opening this Friday 12th February from 6-7pm. I don’t want to make undue use of hyperbole but I saw the aforementioned artwork with my own two eyes, and was left a changed woman.

Secondly, Sticky’s annual zine fair is being run this Saturday 13th February in City Square from 3-8pm. Now reliable sources tell me that this is not the same as Federation Square but seeing as I have no idea about Melbourne landmarks either way…

Anyway, I’ll finally have a new zine for the fair which has been in the making since last July.

A5, 40 pages, b/w

I’m not going to lie to you, this is a personal zine of the most self-indulgent variety. Inspired by my mother’s recent move back to Lebanon, it’s a record of my parent’s memories of Beirut during the Lebanese civil war, a meditation on the role nationality has played in my life, an attempt to reconcile all the little parts of my life in light of her departure, and lots of other things as well. You can also play “See if you can find the mistake in page numbering” thanks to my butterfingers.

Of course, if you’re not going to be in Melbourne this weekend I am, as always, down with trades. Address details are to your right, otherwise I’ll put it up on Etsy as soon as I can!

And also, if you’ve read our zines and want to say hello this Saturday, please do! We (by that I mean I) may look incredibly socially awkward but we’re actually good people. Really.

x amanda [panda]


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New zine – Panacea for Loneliness #4

I mentioned to a friend yesterday that if it wasn’t for the stress of impending exams and essays, and subsequently an increase in my procrastination activities, I’m not sure whether I’d ever get around to writing zines. But considering that it’s the end of semester, and despite all intentions otherwise, I’ve managed to watch enough interesting films in the last couple of weeks to inspire a new Panacea for Loneliness.

Panacea for Loneliness 4

A6, 20 pages, black and white

I wasn’t particularly aware of it whilst writing this zine but this issue contains some of the stranger films I’ve seen lately –  from The Piano Teacher to The City of Lost Children; from Wings of Desire to See the Sea; from Repulsion to The Vanishing

I’m going to send it out to Sticky on Monday, otherwise it’ll be on Etsy or as always available for trades.

x amanda

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TiNA 2009 update!

Ok, so I intended to take all these photos and attend as many panels/workshops/launches as humanly possible and write this huge update about the annual This is Not Art festival in Newcastle but it didn’t quite work out like that. I camped at Tent City, and my tent collapsed every night because of my non-existent camping skills, my camera battery ran out on the second day and I got rained on repeatedly. BUT, I had an amazing time [most of the time].

A couple of the highlights included midnight swimming at the [absolutely freezing] Newcastle baths, the presentation by the Canberra and Sydney Dorkbots, the roundtable at Staple Manor about printing techniques and the Rizzeria, the Totoro’s Tea House Grand Opening on Friday night which featured an amazing lecture on disco called ‘You Can’t Stop the Musing’ by Craig Schuftan…

Craig Schuftan

…and some beautiful musical sets by Maddy and Pip. If you stop by the Tea House I recommend a pot of Earl Grey and Red Flower tea or the fruity iced tea.

Indie-Breaky Heart

The Great Gatsby Ball on Saturday night contained some excellent party times and it was heartwarming to see so many people make the effort to dress up. The Spelling Bee at The View Factory was pretty fun and the Sunday zine fair was, as always, completely packed and non stop selling/trading all day.

Below are our amazing felt doppelgangers made by the fetus!

Tiny Paper Hearts Stall.

I always look forward to the fair, it’s wonderful to see so many regular zinemakers turn up and I finally put some faces to the names of people I know from interstate. And there were so many lovely people that I met throughout the festival who also stopped by the table, which was really nice. If you traded or bought our zines, thank you! We’d love to hear from you if you picked up our zines, please let us know what you thought by emailing tinypapermail [at] gmail [dot] com. Or, if you didn’t get to make it to the fair you can always trade by mailing your zine to the address on the right.

And that’s pretty much it. I’m really really really happy to be at home with a proper shower and a warm bed but at the same time incredibly inspired. Although I have to say I think the zinemaking may be on hiatus for a little bit while I recover. Did anyone else catch anything amazing at TiNA?

x amanda

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Epitaph for my Heart #6

It’s amazing what a zine fair deadline can do for your word count. Another T.I.N.A., another Epitaph for my Heart: a survival guide to being social.

Epitaph for my Heart #6

A5, 20 pages, b/w

This issue was several months in the making and is mainly the product of several embarrassing incidents I was involved in earlier this year that I thought could have some possible pedagogical function. That is to say, once again you might be able to learn from my social blunders. So #6 includes a discussion on the likely/unlikely social ramifications of casual profanity, the ethics and logistics of Facebook stalking, a little guide on how [or why] not to be intimidated by other people and a special A3 centrefold which is my own personal ‘Not That Social’ flowchart designed to help you predict the trajectory of your garden-variety night out on the town.

Epitaph for my Heart #6 will be available [along with all our other zines] at the T.I.N.A./NYWF Sunday Fair on October 4th after which I’ll put it online at our Etsy.

If you want to trade, please do! Send trades to:

PO Box 392                                                                                                                                                                                                          Newtown NSW 2042                                                                                                                                                                                      Australia!

x panda


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Zines from NY [or in the general area]!

The other day we received a package from our lovely friend Hayley in New York filled with zines that she collected from the NYC Zine Fest held in Brooklyn in June. Since it was such a excellent surprise and because there were some amazing zines in there I thought I’d call out a few that took my fancy.

First up, a zinemaker who may be familiar to readers as Sticky newsletter’s Philadelphia correspondent, Katie Haegele. Secretly I have a zine crush on Katie, she writes wonderfully and intimately about a huge range of subjects, from church rummage sales to linguistic gymnastics. I hadn’t read the two zines in the package, though, which are part of her ongoing series about language – The La La Theory.

#6 is subtitled Always Already. There is a lovely section on the untranslatability [?] of the Portuguese word ‘saudade’ that made me feel as though in a conversation with a friend, the kind where you agree on something at exactly the same time.

The La La Theory #6

# 7 is subtitled Nix Besser which means ‘none better’ in Pennsylvania Dutch [Deutsch] and includes sections about translating poetry, the basic history of Esperanto and a discussion on [and trial of] online reverse dictionaries. She also talks about the historical pathologisation of nostalgia as a ‘hypochondria of the heart’ [I love this line] and has an index to the zine at the end! 

The La La Theory #7

You can find her zines online at her Etsy or email her at katie [at] thelalatheory [dot] com.

Another excellent zine was I Love Bad Movies which, as the title suggests, is a celebration of all bad films – whether they’re so bad they’re good or whether they’re so bad they’ve gone past good and are back to bad. Apparently Hayley had a discussion with the contributors about the absence of The Room in the zine [which I would have though was a perfect candidate] but they claimed that it was too popular for their taste. Doesn’t make it any less horrendous I would argue but their other choices seem pretty solid. Except for, however, their inclusion of Sleepaway Camp rather than the infinitely worse Sleepaway Camp 2: Unhappy Campers. Winona Ryder’s post-felony career does seem to be disproportionately represented but I guess on second thought that seems pretty fair.

I Love Bad Movies

If you’d like a copy or to get in touch to contribute to the next issue you can email whoisksen [at] gmail [dot] com.

This last little gem, Is It Bacon? by Matt Wiegle, is one of the more amusing zines I’ve read in recent times. Claiming that “History is strewn with the bodies of those who took for bacon that which was not”, this beautifully illustrated comic attempts to aid those unfamiliar with the popular porcine product.

Is It Bacon?

There is no contact information inside but some simple sleuthing took me to this website which I’m 99% is him. And there’s some good stuff there as well.

Have an excellent weekend readers, next week we’ll have some more updates about new zines for This Is Not Art  and the like.

x panda

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