Our Zines!

Tiny Paper Hearts is a collaborative creative effort between the panda and the fetus.

We are just two regular gals and in our spare time we like to make zines and handmade crafty things. We update this blog regularly with news about new stuff we have made and upcoming events in the D.I.Y world. The Fetus is also more than just a pretty face, she also has quite a prolific collection of hermit crab shells and artworks. Check out her profile on Noise.net and all of her fantastic animations RIGHT HERE!

Below are all the zines that we have ever made. We update this as regularly as possible.

And please note that we love to trade zines! So if you have a zine and want to trade your blood, sweat and tears send us an e-mail to tinypapermail[at]gmail.com or mail your zine to:

Tiny Paper Hearts

P.O. Box 392

Newtown NSW 2042


Wanna buy our zines? Check out our Etsy or our Madeit stores. We will be listing zine packs up there soon.

Tiny Paper Hearts Zine

Tiny paper hearts zine issue #1

This is the first zine by Tiny Paper Hearts. It has lots of yum vegan recipes and Macaulay Culkin’s guide to back chat.

Zines by the fetus!

Shy Like A Punched Pie

Shy Like A Punched Pie

This 40 page A5 zine is one girl’s awfully truthful tale about being shy, with handy tips for social engagements and dealing with being shy. It is printed in black and white with collage and hand drawn illustrations.


40 b/w pages of drawings and musings.

I am a little nothing

Doodles of Newdel

Doodles of Newdel Zine

This zine consists of 28 pages of drawings of the wonderfully lonely caped adventurer Newdel.

Hello, but shhh I’m sleeping

hello, but shhhh i'm sleeping zine

This zine consists of 20 pages of dot-to-dot bears, imaginative thumbs and emotional apples and a myriad of different characters sharing secrets and making smiles.

Late Night Whale Love Poems & Other stuff about Whales

Whale zine

This lovely zine features poems, facts and drawings about whales and their mysterious nature. It also features a disgruntled sea monkey complaining about cheese burgers.

Dreaming of Soymilk and Ponies

Dreaming of pony's and soymilk

This comic is about a Ponicorn named Ted & a sad cup of French soymilk named Pierre.

Be Mine and Break-Up mini zines

Newdel mini zines

How to hide a pimple

How to hide a pimple Zine

This mini zine can fit in your pocket and it is a useful guide for those of you who suffer from pimple constellations or teen acne. It also features groovy hairstyles. Warning: Hair styles may cause birds to swoop you.

Peach Man: In the exciting adventures of Peach Man.

Peachman Zine

This mini comic features the ever so nerdy Peach Man who discovers a friend in his computer. This one fits in your pocket too.


Frumps Zine

If you’ve never heard of a Frump before then you are missing out. These joyful mysterious creatures roam planet frump and don’t mind too much when cats fall asleep on their feet.

Whippety Cream bear

whippety cream bear zine

Whippety Cream bear once appeared on the hit stop animation Ourtown. Now he returns with his own zine about his creamy ways. It features Draco Malfoy & an enchanted armadillo as well as many more charming characters.

Robots in love zine/comic

Robots in Love



Zines by amandapandajapanese!

Everything you need to know about Panda

A mini illustrated zine of the adventures of Panda as she dances up a storm, makes cupcakes and watches Law and Order: SVU.

Epitaph For My Heart: Number One

Epitaph for my heart 1

An A5 survival guide to being social, this zine includes tips on attending dinner parties, what to do if ‘blanked’, how to avoid work collegues and other tips to becoming the social butterfly you never knew you were.

Epitaph For My Heart: Number Two

Epitaph for my heart

The second in the series on social awkwardness. This issue includes a standard condolence letter suitable for any occasion, tips on how to handle family gatherings and ways to deal with the social disasters that are work christmas parties.

Epitaph For My Heart: Number Three

Epitaph for my heart

The third issue concentrates on ways to answer inane questions thrown at you by strangers and family members as well as the reasons for having a secret crush and the necessity in keeping them secret. It also includes ways to fake being happy and how to get rid of annoying friends.

Epitaph for my Heart: Collection

A collection of the first three Epitaphs all packaged together.

Epitaph For My Heart: Number Four

Number Four attempts to revive the discussion of talking vs writing, gives advice on how to be a hit single, describes the accidental blank and how to remedy it and more.

Epitaph for my Heart #5

Epitaph #5


Number Five includes the answer[s] to inane question #3 “Where have you been all my life”, a short guide on how to manage workplace lechery, hints on secret keeping, comparison’s between HBO’s OZ and real life based on extensive, painstaking research and more.

Epitaph for my Heart #6

Epitaph for my Heart 6

A5, 20 pages, A3 centrefold

Issue #6 includes a discussion on the likely/unlikely social ramifications of casual profanity, the ethics and logistics of Facebook stalking, a little guide on how [or why] not to be intimidated by other people and a special A3 centrefold which is my own personal ‘Not That Social’ flowchart designed to help you predict the trajectory of your garden-variety night out on the town.

Ampersand after Ampersand

Ampersand after Ampersand


This is an A5 30 page autobiographical mixtape of things that happened in 2008 and before. Includes mini stories on houses I’ve lived and people I’ve lived with, identity crises and other such non sequiturs.

Ampersand after Ampersand #2

ampersand after ampersand 2

A5, 24 pages

This is another personal zine inspired by my decision to quit the call centre that I’ve previously referenced in the Epitaph for my Heart series. Includes events that propelled this life-changing [for the better] decision, my take on the etiquette of resigning from crappy jobs, the aftermath of quitting and the politics of office ‘theft’.

She Wasn’t Fooling Anyone, She Was Hurt And She Was Hurt Bad

She wasn't fooling anyone, she was hurt and she was hurt bad

Taking its name from a early David Lynch painting, this 40 page A6 zine is a record of an attempt to become a recluse by a certain panda. A bit of a blend between fact and fiction but all true.

Panacea for Loneliness

Panacea for Loneliness

Panacea for Loneliness is an 18 page A6 cinematic mixtape of some of my favourite scenes on film. Inspired by the marriage of my two main obsessions [writing lists and watching films], it includes scenes from Happiness, Harold and Maude, Chungking Express and more.

Panacea for Loneliness #2

Panacea for Loneliness 2

A6, 16 pages

This little followup to the original Panacea for Loneliness is more of my musings on scenes in films that I like.  This cinematic mixtape includes contemplating the similarities between Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Monte Carlo biscuits, the behind the scenes shenanigans on What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?, how Blue Velvet has inspired all my dance moves and things I learned from Don’t Look Now and Bad Education.

Panacea for Loneliness #3

Panacea 3

A6, 16 pages

This issue contains the reasons why I love my VCR and Love and Other Catastrophes, comparisons between myself and Martha Plimpton in 200 Cigarettes, why you should watch Pee-wee’s Christmas Special RIGHT NOW and my thoughts on the glorious J.G. Ballard/David Cronenberg/James Spader sandwich that is Crash. And more.

Panacea for Loneliness #4

Panacea 4

A6, 16 pages

This issue contains some of the stranger films I’ve seen lately –  from The Piano Teacher to The City of Lost Children; from Wings of Desire to See the Sea; from Repulsion to The Vanishing.

A Kind Of Obsolete Vernacular

A Kind Of Obsolete Vernacular

A6, 16 pages

This is short list of words, terms and phrases that my closest friends and I use from day to day and where they come from. Most of them are appropriated from popular culture – some of which you’ll recognise, some of which you might not.

Sounds Copacetic #1

An A6 mixtape zine of 13 songs from movies. Includes hit songs from Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, Deliverance and The Lost Boys.

Sounds Copacetic #2

Sounds copacetic

Another A6 mixtape of thirteen songs to listen to when melancholy including forever favourites Magnetic Fields and Jens Lekman as well as guest appearances by Cilla Black and Add N to X.


7 responses to “Our Zines!

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  2. kt habits

    i’d love to do some trades or buy some zines off you. i live in Canada… i write a zine called bad habits.. i don’t know what else to say but i’d love to read some of these zines!!!!

  3. tinypaperhearts

    Hey there, just send your zines to us at
    PO Box 392
    Newtown, 2042
    N.S.W, Australia

    And we will send some juicy zines back to you pronto!

  4. seema

    hey, i am in Syd, where can i get me some zines, any?? i am in newtonw, hope to hear soon as i leave the country tomorrow, thanks

  5. tinypaperhearts

    The best way for you to get a hold of our zines is to order them online through our Etsy when you get to your new destination. We currently do not having any zines stocked in Sydney.
    Hope this helps and have fun overseas!

  6. Hey just found your site while looking up stuff in Newtown, love your work very creative!!

    was checking out the animations on youtube also does it take long to do something like ‘matchbox circus’ ?

  7. hello! remember me? i’m that zine-lover from Portugal who hangs around at your etsy shop a lot 😉

    in case you haven’t noticed (with all the posts i’ve put up all over LJ and some on WMZ and on Facebook), i’m starting a small distro and i would like to have some of your zines (some from amanda and some from the fetus) in my catalog. would any of you be interested in that? please, mail me if you are 🙂

    hugs * *

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