Zine School Update

Quick update about Zine School that is happening this Thursday 15th April at Wollongong Youth Centre

Zine-making is about creativity and self expression. Come along to ZINE SCHOOL for lectures by zine-makers who illustrate, write or collate; learn about their creative process, and be inspired by their work. There will be the opportunity to sit and browse through zines at the zine library, or go to a zine tutorial to work on something of your own and workshop your ideas.

Current lecturers include:

and I’m guessing although it hasn’t been stated MADDY PHELAN AND LICKY THE CREAM (Natalie!)

I’ll be heading down to cheer on Amanda and I may even sneakily film her. I guess if she stabs me one day, I’ll know why.

Anyway, point is, if you have thursday free, come on a lovely train ride with us and get schooled.

Event thang here


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One response to “Zine School Update

  1. Maria

    Awesome! Good luck Amanda.
    PS – Yes I still read this blog.

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