Adelaide you got it going on…

Hello there intrepid travelers!

So after much procrastinating here is our rundown on the 2009 Format Festival in the lovely city of Adelaide.

After arriving on Friday the 13th at an indecently early hour, we convened at 145 Hindley Street for the Zinester Walking Tour where we were informed of several dubious facts regarding Adelaide’s founding fathers, visited what has been statistically proven to be Adelaide’s most terror-inducing alley and witnessed several excellent zine launches by the likes of Maddy Phelan, Simon Gray, Joel Catchlove, Luke You and Dave Roche.

Saturday found us setting up for the zine fair with other local, interstate and international zinesters. Here is a blurry and underexposed photo taken by yours truly.


And a better photo taken by the fetus.


Grump cats on tour!


We had many excellent trades that day so thank you to everyone who stopped by our table, the fetus and I agree that it was one of the best zine fairs we’ve been to.

Later that night was the Bikes, Camera, Action! film screening but we arrived late and, having grossly underestimated the public’s appreciation for short films about cycling, could not find any room to sit.  However other reliable punters gave it two thumbs up.

The Academy of DIY was held on Sunday and started with a blogging roundtable at 11am with Angela from Literary Minded, Gerard from Celluloid Tongue, Lisa from Vignette Press and Kelly Gentle – interesting questions and excellent conversation! Later the fetus and I made wallets out of Bonsoy cartons, hung out for a panel on Independent Publishing that was informative and inspiring, munched down on strawberry and lime cheesecake and vegan eggnog prepared by the talented Pixie Stardust from Vegan Ambrosia and spent the afternoon relaxing on the couches and listening to some handy fashion hints from the Style Council panel. Not to mention the Gender Studies All Stars panel and the girls from the Adelaide Roller Derby! All in all, a pretty awesome day.

And that’s it! Thanks to everyone who organised or was involved in Format, we had an amazing time and it was well worth the flight to South Australia. Definitely more interstate zine trips to come.

x panda



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2 responses to “Adelaide you got it going on…

  1. Great roundup! I had a wicked weekend too. And how amazing is Pixie… I want Vegan Ambrosia in my kitchen all the time!

  2. I was equally impressed by the whole event – it was genuinely inspiring to be amidst so many DIYers doing such fantastic things (yourselves, of course, included – seriously, I’ve had that many random retail staffers comment on my fuzzy new Bride badge…).

    Oh – and thanks for getting up to join on Ange and I on the Sunday morning!

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