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Zine trade: Blue Floral Gusset and Death of a Scenester 2

I’ve been a little lax with my paper correspondence (amongst other things) but in the last couple of weeks we’ve received some interesting mail that I thought I would share.

First was blue floral gusset by Spurzine, which was written for the TINA 2010 Sticky challenge (I think).

I’ve got to admire such dedication to a deadline, since I on the other hand have absolutely none. And this is a continuation of the themes he raised in his earlier zine Travesty, but without repeating itself – it’s honest and awkward in its intimacy but that’s what I like about personal zines.

The second zine we received was Death of a Scenester Issue 2: Boys.

I have an admission to make – I don’t usually seek out collaborative zines, or zournals as Death of a Scenester prefers. But I was pleasantly surprised by this issue when it popped up in our PO Box, especially the opening article which constituted the most spirited defense of the Pet Shop Boys I have ever read (or possibly the only defense of the Pet Shop Boys I have ever read).

So that’s it. Both zines should be available from Sticky or Take Care, or email us if you’d like their contact details. Keep sending us zines (if you’d like) and I’ll keep writing this zine that has taken me the last 4 months to start, simply so I have something to trade.

x Amanda


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Zine Trade: Disposable Camera

Disposable Camera – Vanessa Berry

This issue of Disposable Camera has been stuck in my head ever since I read it. The way Vanessa writes always makes me feel like I am sifting through someone else’s family photo album while they tell me stories about all the unknown faces and places that meet my eyes. There is such a strong sense of nostalgia that always wells inside of me, reminding me of tiny pocketed sensory memories tucked away in that mushy gray lump sitting on top of my head. In this issues of Disposable Camera Vanessa reflects on being in the things she thought the ‘future’ (the 2000s) would bring, wish lists and wonderment of tiny magical things that happen around us, like the sudden arrival over night of a blanket of purple flowers on the front lawn.

*I still don’t have a scanner and had to borrow this from Vanessa’s flickr

Order a copy from Take Care zine distro
you can get a copy of this issue of Disposable Camera directly from Vanessa by sending $3 to Po Box 1879 Strawberry Hills NSW 2012 Australia.
(Other australia distro are probably stocking it too, look to right for list of distro’s)

Beware of your toaster,
Your long lost fetus

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Summer zine trades

Just a little list of some of the trades we received over this long (and seemingly endless) summer.


From Maddy Phelan comes this A6 personal zine about learning to live differently. It’s a beautiful read about questioning the reason for our own insecurities and  how we can cast them off. You can get a copy of this zine from Sticky’s Mail Order Department or email beardedladyzine [at] gmail [dot ] com.

Nerf Jihad #9

Another hearty issue from this prolific Central Coast zinemaker, Matt Ford, Nerf Jihad #9 includes more letter writing shenanigans, music and personal musings and more! You can contact Matt at PO Box 575 Gosford NSW 2250.

Baboon Roars #3

Another anonymous little folded A3 zine about shopping lists found and assumptions made. These zines are always wonderful surprises in our PO Box but since there’s no contact details we still have no idea how you can get one for yourself. I guess we’re just lucky.

Little Bird #1

A chunky A5 zine from Penandpapertown Publishing which is filled with photos, interviews, short stories and poetry. It’s nicely put together, content and design wise, and is a lovely read. You can contact them at penandpapertown [at] gmail [dot] com.

Check it.

x Panda

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Zine Trade: Tears in my Schooner

Ok, if you’re a zinemaker and/or zine enthusiast perhaps you’re familiar with the feeling that comes when, upon discovering zines for the first time, you are compelled to convince every person you have ever known to also make a zine. My favourite zines are personal zines and, like the writers I avidly follow because their personality comes through so strongly in their writing, there are similar ladies and gentlemen of my acquaintance for whom I feel the zine medium is particularly suited.

tears in my schooner

Tears in my Schooner: a guide on depressive aural indulgence by this years boy is the first zine by one such gentleman. At its simplest it is a compilation of the sixteen saddest songs in his life right now and why; a “manifesto for taking the time to fully indulge our emotions, both as a way through them and as a way of fully appreciating them.” And it is so beautifully laid out and the writing is so emotive and personal that I could rave about it all day. Suffice it to say that I’ve re-read it almost every day since I received it and probably will many many more times.

Hopefully there will be copies at Sticky [with mix cd attached] otherwise email thisyearsboy.zine [at] gmail [dot] com.

x panda

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Zine trade: Nerf Jihad!

Dear readers,

This awesome package of zines from Nerf Jihad zines actually arrived on our figurative doorstep a while ago and have been sitting in our ‘To Blog’ pile for far too long. Matt has been writing Nerf Jihad since 2004 and is pretty well known round these parts. Each issue includes a mix of punk music/show reviews, some personal stories and, of course, his often suprisingly successful letter writing campaign to various celebrities, companies and government bodies. My personal favourite is the reply from Catriona Rowntree.

Nerf Jihad

Nerf Jihad 7

He’s up to issue 8 and can be found here. And can I just say extra kudos must be given for the Ghostbusters picture he included with the trades, absolutely made my afternoon.

x panda

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Zine Trades!

Ok, I’ll be the first to admit it. The fetus and I have been getting so sandblasted lately with all these zine fairs and school work and chocolate holidays that we completely forgot to update about some of the excellent zine trades we have been receiving.

So, first things first.

Erik and Laura-Marie Magazine #44
This chunky A5 zine from Sacramento combines zine and book reviews with poetry, writings about religion and personal history. It was a lovely read and definitely inspired us to try and find some of the zines she talks about (especially since she mentions Katie Haegele who traded us White Elephants!) For more, click on her blog or email her at robotmad[at]gmail[dot]com.

Feels Like Friday #9

Feels Like Friday

Another issue from Sydney zinester Ivana Stab! In her words, writings about “reality or lack thereof; boy(s); driving down the coast; identity through nationality; the usual”. As always, an awesome cut-and-paste perzine. Check out her blog or email ivanaforpresident[at]hotmail[dot]com.

Secret Diary of Imaginary Friends

secret diary

This cute A5 art zine, courtesy of Dee Humidifier, is filled with black/white and coloured illustrations drawn over spring/summer 2008. To see more of Dee’s art check out We Make Zines and deviantART or email her at whatanarcissist[at]gmail[dot]com.



We traded with Fergus after reading about her lovely zines on Flying Machine. These amazing, fabric covered A7 zines are packed full of alphabeticised goodness about clothes, favourite suburbs and more. Excellent for reading on buses, in bed or over tea. Find her on We Make Zines here.

And that’s all that’s fit to print. If you’d like to trade send your zine to PO Box 392 Newtown NSW 2042 Australia!

x Panda

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Zine Trade: Fairytales in the Supermarket

Ok, so a morning spent sitting around in my pajamas eating oreos and soyaccino for breakfast [again] was perhaps not the best way to arrange to get to the bus stop in time to catch the bus to work today. But luckily I had a scant two minutes to spare so I ducked into the cold, dark room that houses our PO Box and prepared myself for the worst – junk mail and the faint stench of despair.

But despair not fair readers, we have received the loveliest zine trade from Emma over at Flying Machine.

Fairytales in the Supermarket

Fairytales in the Supermarket is an A-Z of a decade of shitty jobs and whilst you know I’m the strong and silent type not usually prone to gush, I must make an exception in this case since it made me smile and wince in recognition the entire bus ride to my equally crappy job. El feto has not read it yet but since we’ve recently undergone radical medical treatement to combine our DNA I can confidently say that she gives it two thumbs up as well. Fine holiday fun.

That’s all kids,

Comrade Panda

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