Zine Trades

Well we’ve been a bit slack on our zine trade blogging of late but we have been getting some great zines sent to us, local and international. Check them out below.

White Elephant was sent to us by Katie who runs a zine distro called The La la Theory. We first read one of Katies zines last year White Blackbirds which a friend got for us from Sticky, then we found Katie on We Make Zines so naturally we had to trade some zines with her.
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White Elephants is all about the yard sales Katie and her mother visited during the spring and summer 2006, highlighting the treasures she found, the characters she met and much more. Amanda and I really enjoyed this zine because we both love that feeling of stumbling across treasures in other peoples ‘junk.’

Katie also has an Etsy where you can buy her zines. And I notice that she has made White Elephants 2, a zine about 2008 yard sales which we will have to get our hands on too!

Minutiae No. 1 – Rose City Summer Zine is by Sprouthead (Aijung) who lives in Portland. We actually bought this one of etsy, (which by the way has some many great zines on there.) This zine consists of beautiful illustration and little stories about the things the she saw during the summer and its a really refreshing zine.
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Check out her lovely website here.

Raining in my room is a zine by a local zinemaker named Emma who blogs at Flying Machine.
Image Hosting by Picoodle.com
The zine is about a day spent making a zine on a cold rainy day, listening to the Temptations as opposed to doing less appetizing things such as job hunting. The zine is filled with lovely cut and paste drawings, beautiful stories, and even talks about the no-eared cat that I also wrote about in my last zine.

Contact Emma at her blog or by writing to:
Flying Machine Zine Distribution
PO Box 4, Enmore Rd,
NSW, 2042,

Thanks for all the trades!
And keep ’em coming!



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