Zine Trade: Fairytales in the Supermarket

Ok, so a morning spent sitting around in my pajamas eating oreos and soyaccino for breakfast [again] was perhaps not the best way to arrange to get to the bus stop in time to catch the bus to work today. But luckily I had a scant two minutes to spare so I ducked into the cold, dark room that houses our PO Box and prepared myself for the worst – junk mail and the faint stench of despair.

But despair not fair readers, we have received the loveliest zine trade from Emma over at Flying Machine.

Fairytales in the Supermarket

Fairytales in the Supermarket is an A-Z of a decade of shitty jobs and whilst you know I’m the strong and silent type not usually prone to gush, I must make an exception in this case since it made me smile and wince in recognition the entire bus ride to my equally crappy job. El feto has not read it yet but since we’ve recently undergone radical medical treatement to combine our DNA I can confidently say that she gives it two thumbs up as well. Fine holiday fun.

That’s all kids,

Comrade Panda


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