Zine Trade: Missy Kulik

We have been spoiled rotten with zine trades this week, here’s the a new batch of zines from zinemaker Missy Kulik. Missy is from Athens in Georgia, US. She writes and draws about imaginary sweets, her super cat Nilla, thrift store finds, dork lifestyle and more.

These zines are incredibly cute and so great to read, they just bring an enormous smile to your face. They are imaginative and clever with a comic style to them. Missy is also a crafty lady, you should check out her etsy, its full of badges, stickers, note pads, necklaces, and a mountain of zines she has made as well as her first self published book.

Image Hosting by Picoodle.com
Missy reminds me so much of our own Miss Helen, I almost think their were twins separate at birth.

Also Missy is part of a gruesome crafting twosome much like Amanda and I. Check out these gals at their blog Rancho Cocoa.



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3 responses to “Zine Trade: Missy Kulik

  1. I’m actually getting her zines in my distro. They should arrive in a couple days!

  2. Lamberto

    Woah, they look great- much like the new website!

  3. tinypaperhearts

    Yeah they are great! Thanks Lamberto, we are going through a Cher phase, re-inventing our colour scheme ha.

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