Summer zine trades

Just a little list of some of the trades we received over this long (and seemingly endless) summer.


From Maddy Phelan comes this A6 personal zine about learning to live differently. It’s a beautiful read about questioning the reason for our own insecurities and  how we can cast them off. You can get a copy of this zine from Sticky’s Mail Order Department or email beardedladyzine [at] gmail [dot ] com.

Nerf Jihad #9

Another hearty issue from this prolific Central Coast zinemaker, Matt Ford, Nerf Jihad #9 includes more letter writing shenanigans, music and personal musings and more! You can contact Matt at PO Box 575 Gosford NSW 2250.

Baboon Roars #3

Another anonymous little folded A3 zine about shopping lists found and assumptions made. These zines are always wonderful surprises in our PO Box but since there’s no contact details we still have no idea how you can get one for yourself. I guess we’re just lucky.

Little Bird #1

A chunky A5 zine from Penandpapertown Publishing which is filled with photos, interviews, short stories and poetry. It’s nicely put together, content and design wise, and is a lovely read. You can contact them at penandpapertown [at] gmail [dot] com.

Check it.

x Panda


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