Zine Trade: Tears in my Schooner

Ok, if you’re a zinemaker and/or zine enthusiast perhaps you’re familiar with the feeling that comes when, upon discovering zines for the first time, you are compelled to convince every person you have ever known to also make a zine. My favourite zines are personal zines and, like the writers I avidly follow because their personality comes through so strongly in their writing, there are similar ladies and gentlemen of my acquaintance for whom I feel the zine medium is particularly suited.

tears in my schooner

Tears in my Schooner: a guide on depressive aural indulgence by this years boy is the first zine by one such gentleman. At its simplest it is a compilation of the sixteen saddest songs in his life right now and why; a “manifesto for taking the time to fully indulge our emotions, both as a way through them and as a way of fully appreciating them.” And it is so beautifully laid out and the writing is so emotive and personal that I could rave about it all day. Suffice it to say that I’ve re-read it almost every day since I received it and probably will many many more times.

Hopefully there will be copies at Sticky [with mix cd attached] otherwise email thisyearsboy.zine [at] gmail [dot] com.

x panda


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