Zine Trade: Disposable Camera

Disposable Camera – Vanessa Berry

This issue of Disposable Camera has been stuck in my head ever since I read it. The way Vanessa writes always makes me feel like I am sifting through someone else’s family photo album while they tell me stories about all the unknown faces and places that meet my eyes. There is such a strong sense of nostalgia that always wells inside of me, reminding me of tiny pocketed sensory memories tucked away in that mushy gray lump sitting on top of my head. In this issues of Disposable Camera Vanessa reflects on being in the things she thought the ‘future’ (the 2000s) would bring, wish lists and wonderment of tiny magical things that happen around us, like the sudden arrival over night of a blanket of purple flowers on the front lawn.

*I still don’t have a scanner and had to borrow this from Vanessa’s flickr

Order a copy from Take Care zine distro
you can get a copy of this issue of Disposable Camera directly from Vanessa by sending $3 to Po Box 1879 Strawberry Hills NSW 2012 Australia.
(Other australia distro are probably stocking it too, look to right for list of distro’s)

Beware of your toaster,
Your long lost fetus


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