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Winter activities for winter people

So a little update about some ziney things coming up that I wish I could attend (but regrettably can’t).

As we’ve posted before, the Canberra Zine fair is coming up on the 3rd July. If you’re in Canberra, hurrah! If not, what are you afraid of? Take Care zine distro will be making the pilgrimage from Sydney as well as a number of other Sydney/Wollongong zinemakers so why not, give it a whirl.

Secondly, and if you’re on the Australian Zines and Small Press Google Group you’ll already know about this, but there’s a zine reading slash show and tell at Marrickville’s Urchin Books on the 18th July. It’s being put together by Vanessa Berry and promises a delightful afternoon of tea and mutual zine sharing and appreciation away from the hectic and often stressful (for me at least) world of zine fairs and markets. So take your zines, if you have any, or just take yourself to Marrickville for the day, week, rest of your life. Also Urchin Books is looking to stock some more zines so check with them the why’s and how’s on the day.

Thirdly, and this is not strictly zine related, but a friend sent me a link to the screening of Strange Powers  at the Chauvel on the 4th of August that I wish wish wish I could go to, but unfortunately I’ll be separated from Oxford Street by an ocean, several land masses and the supposedly linear nature of time. BUT, if you have ever read any of my zines (or possibly only the titles) you will have realised that I have a ridiculous love for The Magnetic Fields, one that is all encompassing and indefatigable. So if you are in town, and feel like watching a documentary on my favourite songwriter/musician, then go with my blessing.

And I guess that’s about it. Happy holidays kids (if you’re on them), soldier on if not.

x Amanda


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Canberra Zine Fair: Wrap up

Amanda and I got up at the crack of dawn and made our way to Canberra for the first Canberra Zine Fair ever. It was an interesting day and I encourage all zinesters from NSW and wherever else to participate in the next one.

Tiny Paper Hearts @ Canberra Zine Fair

This weekend coming is Kino Zine Fair, there will be 25 tables of zines and craft. Please come along and check it out. If you have a zine and didn’t get a table please come and trade with us, because that’s what zine making is all about.


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Canberra Zine Fair Update

Don’t forget about the upcoming zine fair in Canberra which is part of the Canberra Writers Festival. If you missed out on a stall at Kinokuniya consider doing the Canberra zine fair because tables are FREE and its a nice change of scenery! For more information e-mail admin@actwriters.org.au.

So far there are 25 stall holders consisting of magazines, zines, cartoons, graphics, badges, buttons, posters and more. Tiny Paper Hearts will be there and so should you. Here is the facebook event.

Where: QL2 Foyer, Gorman House, Ainslie Ave, Braddon.
When: 21st of June 10am – 6pm

Its also a FREE event so if you are looking to do something and your pockets are feeling light come along and ‘window shop.’ There will also be other events happening at Gorman House as part of the Canberra Writers Festival so there will be lots to see and do. You can check out the program here.


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