Prolonging life

Hello, it’s been a while since I have visited our blog, but Amanda has been doing a fantastic job of keeping it updated. However, she has now departed our land (she is not dead, she is on holiday overseas) and so I feel I should update on some zine news.

This Sunday past (July 18th 2010) there was a wonderful zine show and tell event put on at Urchin Books in Marrickville. I managed to make the end of it and it was a lovely civilised event filled with tea, cake and most importantly lovely people (both zine makers and those who wish to make zines.) I certainly hope another one of these happens again in the future, it was very refreshing.

Well, I haven’t checked the spam trap, but I have moved on to collecting unsuccessful job application in my own personal inbox. Today, however, I was lucky enough to trap a passive-aggressive job e-mail. It annoyed me soooo very much that I had to retaliate (yeah I know, bitch bitch), its the tiny acts of empowerment that keep me going.

Anyway, back to the drawing board.




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3 responses to “Prolonging life

  1. tee

    omg, what an arrogant, condescending shitfuck of a response! theirs, not yours. yours was exceptionally polite considering their attitude. fuckholes! lolz. there you go, enough cussing for the both of us.

  2. Ah, yes well, it is the world of job seeking I’m afraid. In the end I am probably just to sensitive to the cut throat world of climbing the ranks at ….kids line! Ha!

  3. Vanessa Berry

    Oh man! Good for you.
    How on earth would you be taught to talk to those poor kids if he’s in charge?

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