Autumn Ruminations, or We Have New Zines


So the MCA zine fair was yesterday and both the fetus and myself launched new zines. I think it is always a little difficult to put out a new personal zine, and these two were dealing with issues to do with health (mental and physical) and learning new ways of living with (and possibly outside of) medical diagnoses. As proud as I am of my zine, and as happy as I was whenever someone picked it up and bought it, I still felt the almost uncontrollable urge half way through the fair to track down every person who had purchased the issue and snatch it out of their hands. But the moment passed, and at the end of the day both the fetus and I had sold out of almost all of our zines.

She had the foresight to put aside a few for Sticky, so they should be available soon from either the shop or Sticky’s mail order department, but I will have to make another photocopy run sometime this week and send out a whole bunch to the distros (usually Sticky, Format and Take Care) and put them up on our Etsy.

Until then, a little write up on our zines (and in time I will also review some of the excellent trades we received).

Mind Dump by fetus

Dumped from my mind onto some paper. Comic-ish style zine. Made of images from my artwork from Underdiscovered Press Exhibition. 40 pages/ A6 / B&W.

Shy 2: When Shy Got Sick by fetus

Following on from Shy Like a Punched Pie is the next installment of my perzine on being Shy. 40 pages/ A6 /B&W.

Ampersand after Ampersand #3by amanda

This is the third in what has become an almost biannual perzine series. Although it overlaps chronologically with my last zine Sutures, this issue is mainly about being diagnosed with PCOS last December (and other related conditions) and how this is has affected how I think about myself and my health. It’s not meant to be all negative nancy (so I hope it doesn’t come across that way), rather a way for me to talk about the changes that this diagnosis has brought and how confusing it can be to try and deal with body-image and health issues. And, also, how fucking annoying it is to be told that you shouldn’t/can’t eat sugar (For Your Health).

Thank you once again if you talked to me during the day, I had some really lovely conversations about zines and films and surprise mutual friends and it was wonderful to hear back from people who have read my zines before. It can sometimes feel as though zines are a one way form of communication, made in my room and sent out anonymously over the internet, so it is nice when that communication comes the other way as well.

And if you stopped by our table towards the end of the day and it looked like I had been mindwiped, it’s probably because I had been. Til next zine fair,

x Amanda



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2 responses to “Autumn Ruminations, or We Have New Zines

  1. Vanessa Berry

    I love all these zines and will write you letters about them… but for now I will just say Stevia! It’s 300 times sweeter than sugar and is used as a sugar replacement. Has a good name, too.

  2. Thanks Vanessa! I don’t know if it’s just me, but when I read Stevia I automatically thought of Stevie Nicks, and now I’ve had ‘Dreams’ in my head all morning! x Amanda

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