A couple of zine fairs

Kinokuniya (in Sydney CBD not Japan, obviously ha) is having another one of those super secretive craft and zine fairs May 1st, 12 – 4pm. It was advertised through word of mouth which is why no one but those who took part in the one in February (which no one heard about either) will be a part of. There will be 11 tables ($30 to book) but its all booked out, so forget that and just go and have a look/see. They will be having a bake sale in the upcoming months, celebrating Cook Book month or something, so all the Donna Hay lovers out there should probably step up and show me your casserole skills. (Why do people only cook sweet things at these bake sales, I want loafs, casseroles, pies, basically all the things I’m too lazy/scared to cook.) BUT, I do believe the zine/craft fair is somehow connected to Free Comic book day, although I think that is on the 2nd of May.

ACT Writers Centre are holding another Zine Fair this year (3rd year running) this July.
If you want to book a stall contact the office on 62629191, or email admin[at]actwriters.org.au. Stalls are FREE!

*A piece of advice, since Amanda and I did go to the first one, even if the sun is shinning in Canberra it will still be freezing, so take a blanket, extra socks and dear gods pack a sandwich! Also, you may want to bring an extra chair, as last time Amanda and I shared a seat for the entire day because one stall who had three chairs with only one is use refused to give us one, apparently her bag had a very unstable amount of radioactive material that needed a seat. I know what you’re thinking, just take it, right? Well we a lovely wimps who prefer to ponder why people are arseholes and then write about it our zines. Also I should mention, the person (?) in question was not from Canberra, everyone from Canberra (except the drunk guys (it was 11 am on a Sunday) who decided to steal a bunch our zines, oh and maybe the teens who asked us to mind their stall while they went to Kmart at the local Westfield to shop) are really nice, especially the people who organize the event, so you are in good hands if you do make the trip down.

This is the first grumpy zine related post I’ve ever written, I think its because my spam collection got deleted by the spam regulator program (whatever it is) on our blog and I’m mad about it. I’m mad about you. I’m mad about the world ladies and gentlemen.

Anyway, point is, there are some things for you to do.
We shall be doing a zine trade post soon, we’ve got a couple of lovely things in the mail, but my scanner and I are having irreconcilable differences at the moment. It’s actually a very complicated relationship – you wouldn’t understand (sleazy joke face.)

Good night/day
A very grumpy fetus


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