Fantastic influx of spam this week. Now, I’m not sure if this spam is actually that extraordinary, in fact I’m pretty sure I am just looking for something to entertain myself, thus I’m clinging to anything that could be called ‘interesting.’ Madness aside, lets begin!

This guy just wanted to tell us that he completely understands what we are saying, does disagree but couldn’t be f***ed researching the topic himself. I think a lot of people use this method for the foundation of their opinions, so I really shouldn’t judge him. EDIT: And his name is Rickey Zitzloff!

I find this charming because the mans name is Jerold Huggard. Huggard! Anyway, we do post A LOT about dogs, dog food, different breeds of dogs, dog contests/fashion shows, and dog maintenance so I’m glad this guy has been able to find us and now will can finally build our dog empire. When is the baby due? I can’t wait to start the auditions for the prestigious breeds of dogs that will be part of our crew. Plus dogs are great at poker. Thank you Mr. Huggard!

I really should stop posting Jodeci lyrics on our blog so much, but those guys are just so catching and revolting. Anyway, this guy said he is going to come back, which is kind of frightening. What is he is here right now? Can you take out a restraining order on the internet?

I should have mentioned that when I said ‘Fantastic influx of spam’ I really meant quantity, not quality.

Anyway, have a nice weekend

p.s. why is no one sharing their spam with me? Perhaps I haven’t asked, ok. Any one getting any good spam? Send it to me!



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4 responses to “Spam!

  1. one of my friends has a whole website about spam!

  2. Oh man, they get the best spam! Why is my spam so boring? (Probably because all the anti-spam thingo’s are stopping all the greatest spam in the world from getting to me.) Thanks for the link, I’m thoroughly enjoying reading the posts!

  3. Once upon a time the company I work for was being bombarded with viagra spam. Each email was exactly the same: three dirty words and a website link. They installed a spam filter that would send a email to let you know that a message directed at you was picked up for you to inspect and then unlock if it was infact a genuine email. If the spam was a mass email directed at the whole company, I would always race in and unlock the email so it would be delivered to the whole company. It never got old hearing 50 people sniggering in unision as they all just received an email that read: dick fart erection

  4. Haha that’s wild. We occasionally get the fancy viagra/nude celebrities spam, but sometimes its just so impersonal. Although, the other day I got viagra spam that started off saying “Hey, are you ok?” That was pretty special. Where is spam made? (seems like something I could google)

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