Spam of the week #3

I’ve been spoiled this week, yes I have. Two excellent new spam-a-la’s caught in my spam net which I shall share with you.

Laverne gave me some really helpful insight into buying buildings. Sure she talked about personal loans, but I think she really was trying to tell me that if I wanted to, I could buy a pillow factory and live in it and never return to normal life again.

Christian dating! Perhaps there is a god, somebody knows I need a date, although I do have 365 dates a year (cue that drum thing that happens when people make terrible jokes – what is that called?) Here I thought they were actually interested in all this useful and insightful crap we write on our blog. The word “lurking” gives me the shivers, and not in an inspired way, just the normal creepy way. Can I find love on the internet? I think I already did.

That’s it
I promise to actually post about some great zines I’ve been reading once my scanner is return to me from the dark over/underlords.




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4 responses to “Spam of the week #3

  1. For a second I thought you were linking to something “indecent,” luckily my curiosity lead me on to find that delightful button. Thank you

  2. LOL, no worries. This might come in handy too:

  3. Haha! Ah the sad trombone, if I were a movie character I’d like that to be the sound that plays when I enter and exit a room.

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