Giant ants, bathing ducks

Just a quick word to my people about smARTarts opening night which is tomorrow Wednesday 7th April. Starts 6.30.
I have had a sneak peak at some of the stuff in the exhibition and its there is an amazing array of stuff to see. Following the opening is a film screening and one of the films screening is an animation I made. So, I guess if you don’t know how to use YouTube yet, and you like to be in a room with people, and you aren’t already in your pajama’s by 6.30 on a wednesday night, do come along. And there will be drinks.

This is the middle panel of my artwork that will be there. If you look at it closely you can see anteaters dancing, only visible in person.

I promise that next post will be able zines and not spam or about myself.

Catch ya



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3 responses to “Giant ants, bathing ducks

  1. Penny Spent

    Argh! I can’t believe I missed this! Damn you for not telling me. And damn me for being in a tent in the Snowy Mountains on Tuesday night with no internet. Damn all round. I hope it went well. x

  2. Drop bears interfere with reception you know, where you staying with drop bears? It was a lovely night! I won a prize for being the shortest adult there.

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