Spam of the week

I have a confession, I really enjoy sifting through the spam that is caught by the comment spam catcher on our blog. I feel like the spam makers (whoever those beautiful people are) put a lot of time into their spam. I’m always harassing Amanda to leave the spam for me to read and get really sooky when she deletes it. So I’ve decided I’m going to start a spam of the week type post where I share my favourite spam from the week.

This spam-a-la is from Perfume for Women. I don’t know why I like this spam, ok I do. It’s not screaming (capitalized text) about celebrity sex tapes, and it makes no sense but at the same time it makes perfect sense.

Anyway, just thought I’d share that with you instead of printing it out and sticking it on my wall. Also if you have any good spam can you send it to me?




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2 responses to “Spam of the week

  1. Haha, that’s awesome. Sounds like a good idea for a e-Zine.

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