Back to Zine School

Calling all Professors of the zine world!

(This is the unofficial poster, so wait for the real poster before re-blogging!)

Zine School is going to be a fantastically fun afternoon of zine makers preaching the words of their zine making practice to innocent children at Wollongong Youth Centre April 15th 2010. If you are zine maker under 25 years old and think this might be something you’d like to get involved with e-mail Maddy Phelan & Natalie (Licky the Cream) via licky.the.cream[at]gmail[dot]com.

As a wise and well travelled zine maker you will present a 5 minute presentation accompanied by 20 slides about how and why you make zines, what your process is and so on. You can do this however you please, interpretive dance, a mine, or a straight speech! You’ll also be involved in some great one on one zine workshops at the library in Wollongong.

This project has been put together by the lovely ladies of Totoro’s Tea Shop (Maddy & Natalie) who have put on Wollongong’s previous zine fairs, so you know you are in good hands and are in for a good day.


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