Things that made my weekend


So I thought it would be ridiculously and shamelessly self-promotional to mention this. And then I thought, if I can’t be self-promotional on my own blog where can I be? And then I thought, why do I keep arguing with myself, I must look crazy.

Anyway, Emma at Flying Machine has written a lovely blog post that mentions my zine Sutures. And it’s lovely because I too have been wondering about the place that zinemaking has in my life, even as I haven’t been able to stop writing them. I’ve only been involved in zines for two and a half years and already they’ve taken over so much of my time and energy that I’m not sure they haven’t just become another escape from making any kind of meaningful decision about what to do with myself. But then finding such a nice response to something I’ve written, especially from a zinemaker that I admire and respect, is pretty much all it takes to convince me to start secretly photocopying on the office photocopier again.

x Amanda


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