Trades from all around

Well I know we always say we will do a write up about excellent zines we find on our travels but somehow it never happens, kind of like when Tyra said she was going to have a successful singing career but then didn’t. Well we are one up on Tyra now (as if we weren’t already) because this post will be about zine trades.

*round of applause*

Click the link to see them all!

Sketchbook no. 4

I’m going to start with Brendan Halyday, a comic/zine maker who resides in Melbourne and who is pretty damn amazing and talented. Sketchbook no. 4 has that unexplainable, unteachable quality that keeps you thinking about the comic long after you have finished. Perhaps it’s how the images jump out at you and grab your attention or how the maker is able to capture that heart-splitting image of despair in a simple drawing… ahh I could on and on. Anyway, Brendan’s zines are about the man himself and all the things most human beings relate to- romance, relationships, heartbreaks, questions of self worth and so on. If you want to get your hands on some of his zines, and he has made plenty, then pop into Sticky if you are local or check out his online store here.

Mote no. 3

An excellent zine by Cameron, another Melbournoid. This zine is filled with awesome drawings and fantastic little reading topics such as:
– Things to watch eg. Cache (Hidden) by Michael Haneke
– Five Items You must own (or at least see/touch) eg. The Great Paper Caper
– Feeling down solution (I won’t tell you what this is because its so freaking cute you have to see it for yourself)
– An interview with musician Ben Dalton from Hungry Kids of Hungary
And that’s not even half of it, there’s more great stuff like a Free Compliments flyer!
Cameron clearly puts a lot of time into planning a fun read. To get your hands on this awesome zine and other zines of Cameron’s e-mail him at cameronbaker [at] live [dot] com or check out Sticky.

Adventure Time 2

Sequel to Adventure Time 1 Maddy Phelan brings us another excellent and engrossing zine about making time for Adventures. Alas, this issue brings sad tidings of what happens when adventures are scarce and it’s all work and no play. But never fear because Maddy shares some beautiful stories of adventures she did manage to have, but she does ask the question how do we find that perfect balance between work life and adventure life? You can find this zine at Sticky, Bird in the Hand or by e-mailing Maddy at maddy.phelan [at] gmail [dot] com.


Finally an answer to how to communicate with people in noisy crowded pubs! Don’t strain your vocal chords, because yelling “I lost my watch” will always be interpreted as “there’s a wasp in my crotch” by your friends or even dates – Yikes! This excellent, juicy zine was put together by Beau,  who studied AUSLAN with a friend where they came up with the genius idea that sign language is probably the only effective and polite way to communicate in pubs when you don’t want to spray beer flavoured spit across an entire table of acquaintances. It’s got everything from ordering drinks to pointing out to a friend that you fancy the suspicious man in the corner with the get-up that looks like he could be in the Matrix. It’s a must to read and you’ll find it at Sticky or by e-mailing thisyearsboy [at] gmail [dot] com.

P.s. Beau also wrote Tears in my Schooner, an excellent mix tape zine.


I said “Give me a list of 10 things – make them whatever you like” The said ‘OK’ is a collabrotive zine masterminded by Anne Nicholson. It is quite literally what the name of the zine is, a list of ten things from a whole bunch of people. There is a list of someone’s favourite trashy infomercials, 10 ways to save water, favourite 10 palindromes, 10 spanish phrases you’ll never need to know and the lists just go on and they are very entertaining.

You can find out how to get this zine by contacting Anne here at her wemakezines profile and perhaps you might even like to make a list of 10 things you like to contribute?

Becoming a Homemaker

Another great zine by Amanda Dale about a Australian Guide Handbook she picked up at a used book fair that provided her with a challenge: Become a Homemaker.  Although this is the least likely thing for Amanda to want to do she attempted to see if the incredibly outdated (1976!) advice could turn her into a hostess with the most-ess. I’ll have to say she makes a good fruit punch and provides the recipe and if that isn’t what being a homemaker is about then I don’t want a bar of it. Get a hold of this lovely and funny zine by visiting Amanda’s etsy store.

Watch Him Bleed Issue 1

Longtime zine veteran Ivana Stab gives us a new and exciting zine Watch Him Bleed (which is going to be a whole new serial separate from Feels Like Friday). She’s not making any excuses or withholding those words that seem to float so delicately onto the page yet leave you feeling like a hundred ton truck is pushing down on your chest. It’s raw, it’s intense, it’s new, it’s fucking great. Get this zine into your hot little hands by visiting Ivana’s etsy store.

That’s enough for today, more to come!



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