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PIE is a new Sydney based zine and they want you. Check out the blurb below and get in contact with Maisie via e-mail to submit pie_zine [at] hotmail [dot] com. The theme of the first issue is WASTE, interpret as you will. Deadline is for the first issue is Feb 16th so get your creative juice… juicing?

PIE wants your:

stories – poems – recipes – articles – artworks – designs – photography – musings – riddles – questions – answers – reviews – lyrics!

PIE is a new Zine based in Sydney that will feature local and international contributors. PIE will be an independent, not for profit publication. It will feature art, photography, articles, reviews, illustrations and more from various people in the community. There will be a concept suggestion for each issue which contributors can take and interpret in any way as inspiration, however this is optional. It is intended simply as a jumping-off point for ideas. PIE supports sustainability and will be printed on recycled paper. There will be a limited number of copies printed and distributed each month. This is a personal project of passion for me. With your help, I hope to make it an intriguing and stimulating new collection of creative and intellectual debris, brought together between the pages of this modest, young Zine.

There will be segments including film, music, gig, exhibition reviews and Q&A, where you can ask any question that’s on your mind and answer other people’s queries. If you have an idea for your own personal segment in PIE contact me with the details, i’d be more than happy to have you as a regular contributor.

If you know about or are involved in upcoming events (music, art, performance) and want them advertised in PIE contact me with the information and attach an image or flier.

If you have something to sell or there’s something you need; furniture, a housemate, a room- anything! You can advertise it in PIE.

We are also initiating a community sharing forum, promoting recycling and re-using objects. If you have something to give away out of the goodness of your heart, tell us about it and hopefully it will be just what someone out there is looking for!

PIE #1 will be launched in March. Email me with contributions and be a part of the PIE.

Check them out on Twitter:

Spread the word, re-blog, get involved


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