Take care Zine Distro

I found some very exciting news this morning when I opened my google reader, a new zine distro is starting up in fair old Sydney town. Take Care Zine Distro will be the combined efforts of Emma D. from Flying Machine and Tim who plan to have a regular stall around town as well as a mail order system for buying zines. They are looking for zine makers to send them zines, so this is a big old call out to all of you zine makers out there to get posting.
Take Care Zine Distro
Find out more info by e-mailing Emma and Tim at takecarezines(at)gmail.com

Check out the original post here

Most importantly, spread the word! Feel free to repost the info!

That’s it
From your long lost blogging brother/sister



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3 responses to “Take care Zine Distro

  1. Thanks! We sent you guys a real proper letter about this yesterday, so make sure you check yr po box x

  2. Penny Spent

    Damn, I just realised that I spelled the email wrong in my original post, so it’s wrong in yours. The address should read takecarezines(at)gmail.com

  3. no worries, all fixed and updated!
    Amanda is without the internet at the moment and I told her the news about Take Care and she was so excited!

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