Don’t stay at home Sunday girl…

Once again, weekends spent inside with nothing to do are always followed by weekends where there is far too much going on to handle. Coming up…

In Sydney!

Saturday is the Mad Hatter’s Zine Fair from 10am to 3pm hosted by the Nowra Tea Club. We will have to unfortunately miss out on this but our sources say they had an excellent time at the previous zine fair and it sounds like a lovely day out for those outside the main metropolis. See the Facebook page for more information.

Sunday features another zine making day hosted by Susy Pow of Bird in the Hand. Rock up with a plate of food and some not-quite-finished zines for happy fun DIY times. More info here.

Plus Radio Social is running every Sunday at World Bar in Kings Cross and they’ve expressed an interest in having some more zine stalls there amongst the records, vintage and handmade fashion, bbq, art, live music and all that jazz. 10% of the bar goes towards keeping FBI radio on the air so it’s for a good cause as well. If you’re interested you can email jenny [at] theworldbar [dot] com or, once again, contact them via Facebook.

In Melbourne!

You didn’t think we’d forget you kids south of border? Our lovely friend Kelly from Catacomb Creative has been busy organising the amazing-sounding Safety in Art workshop/panel/live art/creative extravaganza which will take place this Saturday the 19th from 10am to 5pm at the Guildford Lane Gallery. You’re encouraged to bring any craft, knitting or sewing projects to work on with other crafty people and more. Check out the website for the full details, suffice it to say that the fetus and I are devastated that school work and involuntary simplicity are keeping us from making the interstate trip.

x panda


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