S’all happenin’ in Adelaide!

Something that became very apparent when Amanda and I visited earlier this year for the Format Festival is that Adelaide is a pretty happening place. If you were at the MCA zine fair it’s very possible that some of your zines were collected by Sam for the Adelaide zine shop. The Adelaide D.I.Y scene is nothing short of epic, a powerhouse of motivated people pooling their strengths together to create a really amazing and strong community of creative people. Not only that, it’s a really welcoming community, yet another wonderful thing we noticed when we visited. So if you get the chance you should definitely visit.

So, below is a whole bunch of stuff that is happening in Adelaide that you should check out.
Format Collective
Format website has info about Big!, calendar dates and a blog with all the stuff that is happening. Add that to your RSS feed STAT!

Format Zine Shop Facebook Group
Join the Format Zine Shop FB group, find out what’s happening and of course send your zines there to be stocked.
Make: Do
Check out these excellent videos on the ever growing D.I.Y community in Adelaide.

VITALSTATISTIX THEATRE CO. PRESENTS – The Vitals Book, Zine & Crafty Affair
Crafty zine fair that is happening on Sunday the 19th of July. Book a stall or visit! (Click the link for more info)

That’s it for now!


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One response to “S’all happenin’ in Adelaide!

  1. As far as I can tell it’s still happening all over Australia! I’ve never witnessed such interest in zines per head of population!

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