Digging It

So it’s been raining, and we’ve been reading, and we’re finally ready to make a little post about some of the wonderful zines we traded at the MCA.

But first things first.

One of our favourite zinemakers, Emma D. from Flying Machine, is launching an exhibition and a new zine at the Little Fish Gallery in Newtown on the 24th June.  This is the lovely lady behind Fairytales in the Supermarket, Horace Andy and the Spanish Owls [co-written with Anwyn] and Raining in my Room so we are very excited to see her new work! She mentions the possibility of sangria as well, which is just the sprinkles on the cupcake.

Location: Little Fish Gallery, 22 Enmore Rd Newtown [catch a train/bus to Newtown station, take a left and walk down Enmore Rd, it’ll be just past The Smith Family shop on your left.]

Time: From 7:30pm onwards!


By the Time You’re Twenty-Five


We were also lucky enough to get a reprint of this zine from Emma at the MCA zine fair and read it that very night over aniseed tea.  And I love it, it is beautiful and poignant and lovely and a million other things [including an excellent basil and polenta recipe]. And the self-portrait at desk just kills me.

Ok, more zines to come.

Signing off,



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  1. Emma

    Thanks so much for the support! Your new site looks great, by the way. Yeay!

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