Fellow zine children,

I have good news and I have bad news. The good news is –  just when you thought there was nothing left to do on the weekends, NSW pulls out two zine fairs in one weekend, like a rabbit out of a DIY hat.

The first is this Saturday 4th April at the Pine Street Creative Arts Centre as part of Youth Week. As it says its flyer…STALLS! DIY! DANCE! ART! There’s going to be zines and crafts and street art and music and food and if last year was any indication it’s going to be pretty good.

SmART Arts 2009

The second zine fair and independent artists market is being held at the Wollongong City Gallery on Sunday 5th April courtesy of our lovely friends Maddy Phelan and Natalie von Catalie. This year there’s going to be printing and comic workshops, music, panel discussions, a vegan-friendly bakery, a stall to stall postal service and more! I am actually super-excited about this one and to prove it I will be bringing vegan T-Rex shaped gingerbread to contribute to the bakery. Icing and all.

Wollongong Gallery

Now the bad news. Since the fetus will be away on secret fetus business interstate I will be manning the stalls on both days on my own. Which means that unless you come up and say hi, trade zines or tell me I’m doing a good job I’m likely to end the weekend mumbling to myself and unintentionally going cross-eyed in the middle of conversations [as opposed to intentionally going cross-eyed].

See you there?

x panda


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One response to “Zineapalooza!

  1. And the good news is… Susy will be there right beside you looking straight back cross-eyed as hell in Wollongong! I’m catching ze train down I think….. how are you getting there? Also, I might bring my heavy heavy suitcase on Saturday too. Woo!!

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