Dave Roche at Black Rose Tonight

Dave Roche will be doing another zine reading tonight at the Black Rose on Enmore rd tonight at 7pm before he flies off to Brisbane tomorrow. If you’re in Brisbane than you are in for a treat because Dave will be doing a reading at TurnStyle Community Centre.

I’ve listed a whole bunch of Dave’s zines that I picked up while in Adelaide and also last night at his reading in Lewisham.

Me Want Banana is zine made about the comic strip Ziggy which Dave believes (which you can’t dispute) is the most unfunny comic strip ever made. Here Dave tried to make a comic even less funny than Ziggy. Well I’m happy he failed, it’s truly hilarious!

Also pictured is a stack of every fortune cookie Dave collected for a year and on the back of the fortune is the fortune Dave wished he had.


It’s Fuchi, no? is a calendar littered with hilarious drawings by Dave’s little brother who has the unique talent of drawing animals with human arses. It may not be 2008 anymore, but the human arsed animal drawings will have your sides splitting with laughter.

About My Disappearance #1 & #2 are about Dave’s experiences and life after being diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. Its a good read about a subject that is otherwise not really talked about.

On Subbing is about the first four years of working as a substitute in Special Education services. Dave shares the highs and lows of his experiences.

The best thing about zine readings with Dave is that you get even more hilarious back stories which weren’t mentioned in the zine. So rock up tonight at 22 Enmore Rd at 7pm, its just down from Newtown Train station.

See you there!



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5 responses to “Dave Roche at Black Rose Tonight

  1. Drawing animals with human arses is indeed a unique talent, and one entirely at home in the world of zines!

  2. I know it’s definitely a skill that I am envious of!
    x Amanda

  3. It’s a skill I may develop in order to wow potential new clients, you have to do anything you can to get an edge in business these days!

  4. Oh hang on… am I allowed to shorten Fetus to Feets? Like heyyy… check out the feets on this ultrasound… eww your feets is malnourished etc etc

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