Dave Roche zine talk Tonight

Salutations Earthlings!
While in Adelaide at the wonderful Format Festival (we’ll update on this later) we were lucky enough to meet the amazing, talented and all round nice guy Dave Roche, who has been doing a zine trek around Australia with his zines and book ‘On Subbing.’ Tonight Dave is coming to Sydney to give a talk on his zines. We’ve already got ‘On Subbing’ and a whole bunch of other zines by Dave in our hot little hands and they are a must have. Dave is really into trading (good man!) so bring your zines along to trade!
This event is all thanks to Susy Pow who organised it!

Thus, the details follow:
When: 6PM Monday 16 March 2009 (That’s tonight! And I know you have nothing to do on a Monday so you HAVE to be there!)
Where: 54 Old Canterbury Road, Lewisham 2049 (Very close to Lewisham train station, so no excuses for it being too far away)
Bring: Your zines for trading, your voice for doing your own reading (if you want), some snacks (if you can!), your friends.

If you miss out today, you can catch Dave tomorrow night at 7pm Black Rose books in Enmore.

El Feto

P.s. I’m being pretty Fan-girl about this, but Dave is really amazingly awesome and if you miss out on this you will really kick yourself.



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2 responses to “Dave Roche zine talk Tonight

  1. K

    I have been totally LOVING dave since we saw him at the zine fair. He is such an endearing guy. Totally lovely and interesting and so gracious when we gave him a bit extra for his zines!

  2. Ahoy!

    I just finished On Subbing on this afternoon’s homeward commute – guess how jealous I am of you Sydneysiders right now? (HINT: The answer is ‘VERY!’). Missed him in Melbourne last week(ish) due to my complete ignorance of his existence. Fail.

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