La Fanzinothèque

When in France go to FANZINO! We have no idea why or how, but we recieved a bunch of flyers in the mail from Fanzino. Fanzinothèque is the first large company classification and archiving of all small press (music, comics, writing, etc…) with an average of 150 fanzines received per month.
This year Fanzino celebrate their 20th birthday and it will also be the first international meeting of zine libraries.
Find out more by visiting



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2 responses to “La Fanzinothèque

  1. Emma

    Hey – I got a buch of these, too, and I too don’t know how the hell they knew where to send them. Zine radar?

  2. tinypaperhearts

    Well I did strap a very high-tech zine homing device in our P.O Box, so perhaps you are right! 🙂

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