Epitaph For My Heart #5

Seems our young Panda has been into either some kind of voodoo magic or has been sleeping with a rabbits head under her pillow because she’s back with ANOTHER new zine!
Epitaph for My Heart #5 is another brilliant zine in the series of Epitaph. This issue you will tell you about sleezy pick-ups lines and how to deal with them, portable karaoke, a dissection of types of friends ranging from work to ‘hobby’ friends and a convincing comparison of the TV show OZ and real life.
You’ll be able to buy Epitaph #5 online at our shop soon, pick it up at upcoming zine fairs (including Adelaide & MCA) and of course you can always trade with us.

Trade with us! Send you zines to:

P.O. BOX 392

That’s it!


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One response to “Epitaph For My Heart #5

  1. Wow, some people are so productive! I struggle my own zine more than once or twice a year!

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