100th Post! Unfortunately not about world domination…

That’s right its our 100th post, I guess that’s all I really need to say. Now on to business, we have got heaps of zine trades over the past week, but unfortunately I am not in possession of all them, so don’t feel slighted if I haven’t mentioned your zine, I will eventually.

Comparisons Between Humans & Robots
This zine by Susy Pow is exactly what the title suggests and it is a pleasant and reflective read. Susy runs Bird In the Hand Distro and you can also find her blog here. Lucky for all you online shopping savvy’s out there you can buy her zine here at her online distro shop. Susy is also hosting an event for Dave Roche when he comes to Sydney, so make sure you check that out too.

Green and Blue Rhymes
This zine is by Emma (one half of bowerbird blues) and it is refreshing mini zine bursting with clever poems and pictures. Emma has written many delightful zines such as SFY (sorry for yourself), One dollar zine, and also collaborated with Helen to make Cloud Television. If you were ever in need of a hug her zines would be the perfect substitute. You’ll be able to get yours hands on this zine by e-mailing Emma (emmazone[at]yahoo.com) or by hanging out until the Adelaide Zine Fair or the MCA Zine Fair.

She Loves Me Issue 2
We received two zines Andrew, a Canberra based zine maker. She Loves Me Issue 2 zine is a A-Z collaborative zine, filled with illustrations and photos. The other zine Andrew sent has a similar feel to She Loves Me but the artwork and photos are done solely by Andrew. You can find his blog here. (We didn’t receive a note or a return address so if you would like a trade back you’ll have to send us your details!)

That is it for zine trades for now



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2 responses to “100th Post! Unfortunately not about world domination…

  1. you got a little link happy didn’t you possum! lol i should def delete that creepy picture of me behind my zine….. i’m going to officeworks today!!!!

  2. tinypaperhearts

    I do like to link, I feel helpful.
    Rock n roll Susy, take advantage of the free coffee đŸ˜€
    Are you doing a new zine or just doing back copies?

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