New zines!

Technically a lie since I wrote these over Christmas but new as in I’m telling you bout them right now!

Ok, the first one is ampersand after ampersand. Personal zine [of course] about working over new years, houses that I’ve called home and people that I’ve called family and other stories from 2008.


A5 30 pages

Second zine is Panacea for Loneliness [so named because I like the way the word panacea sounds in a sentence]. Another casualty of my obsession with writing lists, this is a cinematic mixtape of my favourite scenes in film. Includes, but isn’t limited to, Happiness, Harold and Maude, Time of the Wolf and a special TV appearance by Futurama.


A6 18 pages

If you would like to buy them, I’ll be putting them up on Etsy and Madeit later and they will be stocked at Sticky after I send off the envelope today.

If you would like to trade [which I’m hoping you will] drop me a line at tinypapermail [at] or send your zine to:

Tiny Paper Hearts
PO Box 392
Newtown NSW 2042

Should probably get back to work now,

x panda



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2 responses to “New zines!

  1. I’d love to trade for them 🙂

  2. tinypaperhearts

    Hi Em! Just send us your address again to tinypapermail[at]gmail[dot]com!

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