Zine Trade: Life, Love and Death

I’ll tell you something for nothing, I’d forgotten we even had a mail box devoted to receiving zines. I think the heat has cooked my tiny brains. Anyhoo, listen to me as I tell you about Joshua Crowley’s new zine(s). Joshua is part of the super-zine-collab Cardboard Collective and those guys are always making stuff, but this time Joshua is stepping out on his own to bring you Life, Love and Death. This zine is broken up into 3 little zines, as you see below, about Life, Love and Death. Not only are these a great read they are packaged and put together in such a nifty clever way.


You’re wondering how to get your hands on these aren’t you? Well I would say scope out the next zine fair that happening around town.

Stay cool


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  1. Thank you. I love you.

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