Zine Exhibition Call-out!

Susy Pow is organising a zine exhibition around March and is looking for various enthusiastic zinemakers to get involved.

From the Lady herself:

There will be pages (or excerpts) from zines blown up to larger sizes and displayed on the wall in whichever creative form the zinemaker wants. For example, simple A3 or A2 sized posters or on canvasses or inside books hung on the wall… The creativity is really only limited by the ideas or effort the zinemaker puts in and I’d really like to see what people can put forward.

The location of the exhibition is still being decided, but will most definitely be located inner city of Sydney. The zines that the excerpts are from will then be available for sale for a nominal amount or a donation. Susy welcomes enquires and ideas about the project, send enquires and interest to quiet.chirps[at]gmail.com.

Amanda and I will be getting our hands dirty and we hope all those die-hard zine makers out there will too.
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