Secret secret! I got a secret!

Several in fact. I have many secrets to tell you on this lovely (?) xmas eve, while you are, hopefully, far away from your glowing computer screens, gulping down egg nog and pulling on bangers with the fam, for I am not, I have secret blogging business.

Secret 1:
Our favourite girl (and panda) Amanda has got a lovely little write up about her zines on Handmade Finds, a blog dediciated to unique handmade items. You should definitely check out this blog, they really do have a eye for great handmade finds!

Secret 2:
We have tingles in our hearts from all you lovely creatures out there who sent us Christmas Cards/Greetings. Here are some of our favourites:

From Josh at Cardboard Collective
Image Hosting by

From Tim at Red Pony blog
Image Hosting by

From Vanessa and Krolly
Image Hosting by

If you are missing a Christmas e-card or postcard in the mail from us, its not because we hate you, its because we have been so busy we haven’t been able to even spread a bit of DIY Xmas loving. We promise to make this up somehow!

Ok, faithful readers, take care and here’s my stab at a Christmas Card for you all.
Oh yeah, that too
Saint Fetus


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