Adopt a Grump Cat and Mini Zine Packs!

Well now, this has been a big old night of blogging. Still, I have one more thing to tell you all. The little felt Grump Cats I’ve been making are now ready to be adopted from our etsy! Hooray! I can’t really feed all those mouths after all and while I may weep a bit when I seal the package with them inside I will know they are going to a good home. You better be quick though because Grump Cats grow up fast into plain old grumps and who wants them?
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Also on our etsy you will find Mini Zine Packs of my mini zines, as well as a zine collection of all my A5 zines. These are sure to make you giggle, if they don’t, then I will not be held responsible, not this time Jimmy.
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These will also be available at Sticky very soon, so if you are a melbournite, you can just hang out till then.

Now I know what you are thinking, what about Amanda? Why all fetus, fetus, FETUS!? Well Amanda has also stocked up on all her zines including her Epitah For My Heart Zine Collection (which includes the first 3 issues of this serial zine), as well as Epitaph #4 and She wasn’t fooling anyone zine.
These will all be available at Sticky too! And don’t forget about Amanda’s little felt badges, she’s got some new designs and they are terribly cute!

Anyhoo, that is most definitely it for tonight. I don’t think there is anything else to tell you about, not a damn thing.


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