Zine Trade: Popdrome Service!

I can’t say my heart didn’t skip a little when I poured out the contents of the package from Popdrome Service, as group of three zinemakers from Japan. You can see below we got quite a good stash of zines AND these amazing little felt badges, two of which are not pictured since we are already wearing them everywhere.
Image Hosting by Picoodle.com
Although the three zines are written in Japanese, it didn’t stop us from enjoying the flow of photos, drawings and comics and picking out the odd english word! And since it just so happens that I am able to read japanese in my dreams, I will decipher them later (ok, I can’t, but I have a brother who speaks japanese and we are going to enlist him to read them to us.)

If you want to trade with these awesome kids then you should either mosey on over to their WE MAKE ZINES page and send them a message or check out their website here.

That’s it! All people who have traded with us over the past weeks should be getting some zines in their letter box this week, sorry for being slow pokes.


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