Zine trades = yay!

I just wanted to add my two cents to our experience at T.I.N.A. 2008. I have to say that it was one of the most friendliest, busiest zine fairs I’ve been to since we started last year and I was so glad that we swapped so many zines, with first timers and old hands alike (and a shout out to the lovely girl who traded our zines for a choc-mint vegan cupcake. Delicious!) . We got the inevitable question about ‘What are zines’ and I don’t know about the fetus but I was at a bit of a loss how to answer it. One of the most important parts of understanding zines is to first open and read them. When we got home from T.I.N.A. on Sunday night I couldn’t help but start reading the ones that we had traded, exhaustion be damned. There was an amazing mix – perzines, political zines, poems, comics, graphic zines, university publications and collective magazines. One of the best parts of trading zines is that a connection is formed between you and the writer/illustrator/poet, encouraging you to think about your own writing/drawing in a completely non-competitive way. Reading through these zines, I didn’t feel depressed about my own writing or intimidated by people who been making zines for longer – I felt motivated to improve my zines and happy in the knowledge that when I make the next issue there will be people willing to trade.

x panda


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One response to “Zine trades = yay!

  1. It’s soo true. reading other zines doesn’t make you feel bad about yourself it just makes you want to do more!

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