T.I.N.A Zine Fair Wrap up!

After only getting an hours sleep the night before T.I.N.A Zine Fair I’m pretty happy to be writing this blog the day after it, in bed, somewhat rested. The zine fair was pretty amazing, so many zines and zine makers! We had a really busy day and between Amanda and I we sold and traded over 100 zines! So thank you to all who came and traded and bought our zines it was a really great day.
This is not art Zine Fair

This is not art Zine Fair

If you would like to trade zines with us or write to us you can send mail to:
Tiny paper hearts
P.O. Box 392



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2 responses to “T.I.N.A Zine Fair Wrap up!

  1. Nice photos 🙂 Your zines look gorgeous, sorry I missed seeing them (kind of got stuck behind my table). Glad you had such a lovely time.

  2. tinypaperhearts

    Hey Em! We looked out for you but we too were stuck behind the table most of the time. Maybe next time though!

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