This is not art 2008

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Well its drawing closer and closer to T.I.N.A and the question I have for you all is: Have you booked your stall? This is not art is going to be a huge week of creative excitement and to top it all off it finishes with the greatly anticipated Zine fair. The best thing about it is that stalls for zine makers are completely FREE but if you haven’t booked your stall yet you had better because last we heard there were only 4 tables left. So please, I beg you, all you zine makers out there book your FREE stall ASAP!

For the lazy skim readers (like me) out there I have made understanding the point of this post easy for you by making the important words bold. The message is: ZINE MAKERS, FREE STALLS, 4 TABLES LEFT! HURRY!

Click here to go straight to the stall holder info page

That’s it! I won’t be held responsible if you missed out, but I will cry for you.


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