Zine Competition

If you were at Verge Markets last thursday you would most likely have seen a man wearing a giant colourful poster with the words “Zine Competition” printed across it (much like the flyer below, minus the colour.) Don’t be fooled this isn’t a new fashion trend (although I do frequently wear posters as formal wear) its a zine competition for all you zine makers out there that are strapped for cash (as usual) and desperate to get your new zine made. The Co-op bookshop & Verge Arts Festival are offering the winner of the zine comp 40 copies of their zine, 20 to be sold at the Sydney Co-op bookshop, 20 to be kept, and all the money made from the zine sales will go back to the winner.
Co-op bookshop Zine Comp
(Click on the image to read the small print)

So if you have an unpublished zine that you would like to see published for free why not enter this competition. All you have to do is take you zine into the Sydney Co-op bookshop and ask them about it. Unfortunately, I don’t know the end date of this competition and can’t find any info online about it but I propose that before the end of September you get your zine into the Co-op bookshop. If anyone does know this info please contact us!

Meanwhile check out Verge Art Festival Website.

Good Luck and may the cut & pasting begin!


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